Narcissist GoldfishJust found out? Here are the foundational Chump Lady posts. This is your chump toolkit.

And no, you don’t have to pretzel yourself into a thousand pleasing contortions to win back a cheater. This is about saving your sanity and decoding mindfuckery.

Just Discovered Cheating, Now What?

Here’s your immediate just-found-out triage. Self-care! Choke down that tunafish sandwich.
What NOT to do after discovering cheating. These are all the rookie mistakes, trial-tested by millions of chumps.

How to Leave a Cheater — Here’s how to take back your power.

Do I have to think about money right now?

Yes, you absolutely need to think about money. Double lives cost money. Shields up! Read this excellent advice from Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Vickie Adams here on Leveling the Financial Playing Field.

Monkey LoveI Feel Stuck

Here’s 5 Things That Keep You Stuck With a Cheater. You can’t chump a chump. We’ve done these mental gymnastics.

This is your brain on hopium. Put down the pipe.

Trust that they suck. It’s not you.


Be Mighty!

You totally can do this. Millions (yes millions! if my blog numbers are anything to go by) have left cheaters and found happier saner lives and you can too.

The Walls in Your House Will Sing. My aunt’s inspiring story.

I promise, you will get over it. One fuckwit does not define you.


On a Tuesday.