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How Not to Be a Chump When Dating

Dear Chump Lady, I fear I will always be a chump. Text today to and from girlfriend about her co-worker: JAD: I’m sorry you have …

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broken heart

COVID Roommate Becomes Other Woman

Dear Chump Lady, It’s been 6 months and I’m ready to tell my story. In March of 2020, right when my city got locked-down for …

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UBT: ‘My Ex Owes Me Money’

Dear Chump Lady, I found out my 40-year-old ex-husband was cheating on me with a 19-year-old in Feb. 2018, shortly after found out she was …

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He’s Cheating and Now ‘Needs My Help’

Hello Chump Lady, How I wish I had found you months ago. Before I had invested my time and money into “get your marriage back!” …

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Getting a Friendly ‘Weird Vibe’ from Ex-Wife

Hello Chump Lady, My ex wife and I divorced in July and since then, I’ve gotten very strange vibes from her. I discovered she was …

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‘How Come All My Boyfriends Suck?’

Dear Chump Lady, I was married to my husband for six years. When our youngest was six months old I caught him cheating with his …

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He Wants to ‘Explore His Feelings’ with Her Friend

Dear Chump Lady, My story as chump began last December when I received a letter from my husband informing me that he had developed feelings …

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not a unicorn

‘He Had a Complete Change of Heart’

Hi Chump Lady, My favorite thing about your writing about cheating is how swiftly and ruthlessly you cut through the waffling to reach the unpretty …

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cyclops lonely

Fix Your Picker Tips

Hey, it’s Friday and maybe you have a date this weekend. Or a bad rash just thinking about dating. Or maybe there’s still a cheater …

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Am I Going to Get Over This?

Hello Chump Lady, My name is Kimmy. I just came across your “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life“ book and I am absolutely in love …

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When You Don’t Want to Spend Thanksgiving with Your Ex

Dear Chump Lady, The holidays are coming and I was just wondering how to deal with the soon-to-be-ex (STBX) and holiday get-togethers. I actually thought …

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lysol ex

No Contact Wins

Freaks can fling some tasty bait at chumps. Why, just last Monday we read about the cheater who told everyone his chump ex was ISIS. …

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leave a cheater

You Might Be a Recovered Chump If…

Boundaries, boundaries…
Okay, so you were chumped. But how did you get mighty? When did you start enforcing boundaries that  were previously trampled?

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Dear Chump Lady, I don’t want to make nice with my OW SIL

Dear Chump Lady, I am 10 years out from leaving my cheating ex-husband. I found out about his affair on July 4, 2009, and have …

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Way to Take Down a Cheater

A standing ovation for Talia Jane, a young writer who posted screen grabs of a conversation between her and married journalist perving on her. Need a …

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monkey love

How Do I Fix My Picker?

Dear Chump Lady, Do you have any advice on how to fix a broken picker? I’m nowhere near ready to date yet. Not even close. …

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