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leave a cheater

When Did You Know You Deserved Better?

Dear Chump Lady, I have been following your site since 2016/2017, when my ex confessed to cheating on me going back to the early days …

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My Cheater Isn’t a ‘Bad’ Person

Dear Chump Lady, Do ALL cheaters suck? Like many others, I discovered my wife of 15 years, partner, soulmate, mother of my two beautiful children …

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Untangling the skein of fuckupedness

Untangling the Skein

Veronica Sawyer: Heather, why can’t you just be a friend? Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch? Heather Duke: Because I can be. …

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Red flag

What Were the Red Flags You Overlooked?

Dear Chump Lady, I have a question that might make a good column, or a good repeat if you have already addressed this: “What were …

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Looking Back and Marveling at the Spackle

Dear Chump Lady, I recently looked at family photos with my kids, including those taken with the ex. I hadn’t looked at them in a …

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Did You Spackle?

All relationships possess some spackle to one degree or another. Thinking the best of the other person, giving the benefit of doubt, and sometimes unquestioned …

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My Friend Won’t Listen to Your Advice

Dear Chump Lady, My friend reads your blog, but doesn’t take your advice. I (and several other friends) have coached her through the hurts and …

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bitter bunny

‘I Want Him to Stay with the Other Woman’

Dear Chump Lady, I’m new to reading your column (just found it).  I’ve been divorced 10-years after 14 years of being married. I found out …

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cyclops lonely

Were You Love Bombed?

Dear Chump Lady, A good friend shared with me the moment that catapulted her into chumpdom. I thought our shared experience, and my subsequent email …

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Red flag

Red Flags You Overlooked?

Today’s Friday Challenge is brought to you by Spackle! It brightens! It whitens! Do you have some unsightly behavior you need covering? SPACKLE! *** Every …

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He’s Sketchy, But Is He Cheating?

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve been married to a man for 20 years. From day one, he has done some questionable things. Maintained a dating profile …

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Serial cheater

He Cheated on Her Daughter. She Spackled.

Dear Chump Lady, I thought I was going crazy until I read your site about how cheaters think and how much they will lie and …

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Voodoo doll

‘I’m Afraid of Him’

Hi Chump Lady, I look for all the world like I have achieved meh, but behind the scenes I am a struggling wreck. I have …

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New Words for the Chump Condition?

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve been thinking about the being mighty part of moving on lately, and I think I have a new term for the …

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Love, The All-Purpose Spackle

Anyone else notice this phenomenon? On infidelity forums, you’ll read a thread describing a thousand horrors and humiliations and invariably it ends — “but I …

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gym cheater

Biggest Whopper You Bought?

Every now and then as a Friday Challenge, CN tries to out-do each other with Most Outlandish Lie we were fed. Which is bad enough. …

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How Do I Get Over Feelings of Unfairness?

Hi Chump Lady, So I chucked out my ex after D-Day 2 a couple of months ago (although D-Day 1 was technically affairs…. I also …

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unicorn problem

This Is Your Brain on Hopium

Hopium is a powerful drug. You can hand a chump the most desperate set of circumstances, and goddamn it, that chump will work with it. …

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Your Very Best Spackle Please

At breakfast the other day Mr. CL ran a spackle scenario by me. He  was reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul for Couples.” Let me …

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planet narcissist

Dear Chump Lady, Is she a cheater or a muse?

Dear Chump Lady, I am am 51 year old male who has been married to his wife for 27 years. There have been four distinct …

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