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Anthony Weiner Gets Catfished

sextingAnthony Weiner, that irrepressible mongoose, is at it again. In case you missed it, last Friday the disgraced former New York politico and underemployed stay-at-home dad got busted once again for sexting.

Only, unfortunately for him, the object of his fantasies was not a comely young political woman, but a Republican, male catfisher.

According to the New York Post:

And on Friday, a male college student told The Post he “catfished” Weiner on Twitter into thinking he was a female student named “Nikki.”

Weiner imagined “Nikki” wearing “strappy black heels” and “tight clothes” and bragged he was “deceptively strong. Hehe. Like a mongoose,” in a July 27 exchange on Twitter while on a trip in Los Angeles.

Confronted Saturday morning outside his Union Square home, Weiner grew irate and offered up a bizarre conspiracy theory — that he had been framed by Rupert Murdoch, CEO of The Post’s parent company, News Corp.

“It was set up by you guys, obviously,” he told The Post as he clutched a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and his son in the other. “It was totally busted, as well.”

“Another Murdoch setup!” he railed, as his wife walked stone-faced in sunglasses toward a parked Ford Escape SUV.

Well, yeah, except in the previous weeks, according to reports, he’d come on to a GOP staffer and his previous mistress, Sydney Leathers told the media she was approached by another woman Weiner had been sexting with in May. Boy, that Rupert Murdoch must be awfully busy stirring up shit for Anthony Weiner.

In another lame-ass bout of blameshifting, Weiner also claimed his sexts were just a “playful joust with an obvious catfish.”

Weiner, the only thing that’s obvious is what a total douchebag you are. What’s not obvious is why your wife, Huma, stays with you.

To Huma, I address the rest of my column.

Dear Huma,

Please leave this guy. PLEASE.

You’re gorgeous, you’re accomplished, you have an actual job — why would you spend one New York second with this loser?

I know he once had potential, the popular, liberal crusader, New York congressman — but his dick cannot not be tamed. So after that disgrace, he runs for mayor of New York, vowing to the the New York Times, you, and the voting public that he’s changed, and he just wants a “second chance.”

How’s that second chance working for you, Huma?

“Carlos Danger” ruined that run, and now he’s been reincarnated as a mongoose. How many jobs has your husband lost thanks to his wandering dick? Do you really need a babysitter that bad?

Look, I understand the pain of breeding with a fuckwit. And many of us at Chump Nation know the personal mortification of being married to a ferret-faced narcissist. I know that on the very off chance you read this, you will flinch with defensiveness. How dare I call him names? We don’t know the REAL Anthony Weiner. The loving father, the sad, broken man who promises to change. Who is working on it, but these are deep, deep problems, and you must stay the course.

Huma, you can’t chump a chump. We see your spackle. We get it here. We’ve lived it.

Fact is, you don’t know the REAL Anthony Weiner. Because if you did, you wouldn’t stay with him.

All this shit he does? Flirting, sexting, handing out his personal cell number to pretty girls on Twitter? That’s HIM. That’s the real him. A guy who doesn’t give two shits about your pain.

Sure, you could GPS his dick and play marriage police for the rest of your life, but why? For HIM?

I know you’re close to Hillary and she stood by her man. Personally, I don’t think that’s worked for her. I think because she’s eaten such an endless buffet of shit sandwiches her whole life that’s why people think she’s inauthentic, untrustworthy, and phony. Of course that’s unfair, and cynically, that’s probably the only way a woman of her generation can get elected. But hey, she has my vote. I’ll take a competent, hyper-responsible chump over a narcissist trainwreck any day.

Still Huma, you can admire Hillary, but not be her. I admire Abraham Lincoln, but I wouldn’t want to be shot in the head.

Call a good divorce lawyer. Save yourself.

Your chumpy friend,


P.S., If Chump Nation would like to send Huma a copy of “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life,” her work address at the Clinton campaign headquarters is:

1 Pierrepont Plz
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  • I’m glad I haven’t eaten breakfast, because if I had it would be coming back up after the “mongoose” comment by Weiner. Eeew, just eeewwww….

    • I’ve read quite a few of the responses here and have become rather confused. Is it OK (and even strong) to stay with a filthy, confirmed cheater if his politics is agreeable to your personal agenda? Is it OK for our high public officials to perform their little theater for the stupid masses even though it’s quite obviouos that their marriage is a sham? What does this teach the next generation?

      Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that we’re told to leave politics out of this exactly after the original poster injected politics right into this. This is not a game; this is the highest level of human leadership and it’s despicable that so much of america is OK with this deception. Of couse there’s been a long line of these psycopaths that have occupied the White House. Just last night I watched a fawnng crocumentary on John Kennedy and how his lack of faithfulness was Ok becaue Jackie accepted it. Well I don’t accept it and I don’t appreciate the little game we’re supposed to play by ignoring it.

      I was chumped many years ago and it destroyed so much of my life and the life of my step-daughter. It breaks my heart that she had to witness it but I can also stand tall because I divorced that cheating witch as quickly as possible. To this day my advice is to fight these pigs and actively shun them. Perhaps after many years they can demonstrate true remorse but that’s rare. Of course it does not help my cause when so many presidential candidates (and presidents) are confirmed cheaters surrounded by people that are either doormats or despicable manipulators – take your choice folks because you can’t be a strong leader if you cling to a piece of garbage with such poor respect for their own family!

      I suppose I’ve vented enough and will now await my banning for not supporting the latest “presidential” creep to be foisted on the proletariet.

        • Well if you find cheating so despicable, how about some sympathy for Huma, a chump. Or is there no sympathy if you disagree politically?

          • I totally sympathize, especially for her children. Is political power worth more than her family?

            • Very few chumps left their cheaters immediately; we don’t know what she will do once she is not distracted by the election.

      • You’re free to express a political opinion. I only ask that people share those opinions respectfully, without personal attack. No one condones cheating here and I write about infidelity in the news, Republican, Democrat, or celebrity. I’m condemning Weiner here — a Dem — and just said less than flattering things about Hillary. That said, her crimes, if we’re judging on cheating, is standing by her man — whereas Trump is a serial philanderer.

        • Yes, Trump also falls into the cheater category. Hillary does not fall into this classification. Her “crime” is perpetuating this fake marriage for whatever reason. There is more than enough dirt on Bill to require his complete immersion in Clorox. Frankly I wonder why she continues this humiliation. Is she being blackmailed? She can’t stand up to a pig for a husband but expects us to think she will stand up to dictators and religious fanatics?

          Frankly we have very poor choices for candidates but apparently democrats had zero problem with cheaters during the Clinton years and when john Edwards had his meltdown. I hate cheaters but I also want someone who doesn’t lick the boots of their cheating, lying husband. Both are bad so I guess you have to decide if you’re electing a fighter or a shoe shiner.

          • But you have no idea whether or not her marriage is “fake”! It is “fake” to you, but Hillary may not agree with you. I do not believe she is a “poor choice” for president, but that is MY opinion. You are certainly free to disagree, that is your right. I do believe that there is a huge difference between how I intend to vote in November and how I feel about marital infidelity. Hillary had every right to make the decision to remain married, and I certainly am not going to base my vote on that particular decision. Trump is a sociopath and yet Hillary is the bad guy here? Sorry, I just cannot agree.

            • I probably let too much of my own resentment flow on this thread. This whole website is about supporting ourselves to stop being taken advantage of. Here we have a textbook case of two marriages in which the husband considers vows to be disposable yet the wife remains for years or even decades. Certainly I can’t blame a woman for remaining in a marriage after the husband has checked out. My issue is that woman is a victim; continuously humiliated by a dirt bag. She needs help but has demonstrated that she is in no position to be pretending to help anyone else. With every article here, we’re urged to kick the cheater to the curb and become a fierce self-proponent……unless you’re married to democratic party operative. In that case, you need to suck it up and take one for the team because we need to win elections at all costs because the other guy is Hitler or something.

              So what is it supposed to be? Stay in the failed marriage or take back your damn life. It should not matter if you belong to a certain party. The advice is supposed to be consistent or it’s worthless.

              • If Hillary asked me, I’d tell her to dump Bill. I’m not voting for Hillary because I think she’s some “victim” — I think she’s the best candidate. It’s not even CLOSE, IMO. I’m not voting against Trump because he’s a philanderer (doesn’t make me warm to him though), but because he’s a raving, unstable, unqualified, scary, disordered wingnut.

                Who do you think is arguing that chump gets a pass if they’re married to a Dem? This whole post was about Huma, encouraging her to leave.

                I point out HC because I wonder if Huma doesn’t admire or understand HC’s choice to reconcile despite the odds of it happening again.

                I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay married to a serial cheater.

                I also think whether you vote for a cheater, hire one as your lawyer, or to take out your appendix, or wash your car is another matter all together.

              • It doesnt matter which party. Cheaters come in all shapes and sizes in every walk of life. Ive seen nice people cheaters ergo not nice and nasty people who dont cheat but are still nasty. I dont blame or condone hillary or huna nor do i condone we each have to do whats best for us. I only know what i would do. Bill and anthony ate dirtbags husbands and i would not want to deal with them either.

              • Look, only the most hyper-partisan democrats can deny that Bill Clinton is a sex-crazed psychopath that preys on young women using his position of power. Hillary watched this behavior for decades and participated in the cover-up and slander of the victims and participants. To a lesser degree Huma is the same.

                Either these women are too weak to break away from their abusers or these marriages are political theater. Either way, these are not good qualities for strong leadership. It shows that they tolerate incredibly immoral behavior for whatever reason.

                The partisans on this site are unable to state a view contrary to political affiliation so I’ll do the job:

                If you are married to someone like Weiner or Clinton, divorce them immediately and report any crimes to the police. These two men continue to have all the perks of taxpayer-funded luxury while never paying for their sickening behavior. Their wives continue to provide cover for their abuses. All of this is condoned by people because of blind political allegiance. Frankly this site has ceased to be of value. The author dispenses different advice for poor women and profits from the endless supply of misery. I’m done with it.

              • No one condons cheating under any circumstances. In politics its rampant and apparently has become the same way in any situation. CL points out cheaters like anthony weiner ooopps he did it again. I am not a dem or a pub i am a non partisan voter and we dont delve into politics here. But she pointed out weiner who was a sitting congressman from new york and a democrat and a stupid cheater because she did no harm done. So yes be done and take your pineapples with you.

              • THIS CURRENT BLOG IS CRITICIZING A DEMOCRAT. How the fuck is that partisan in favor of Democrats?

                And just curious, Sisyphus–did you divorce your cheater IMMEDIATELY? Got a lawyer the day after D-day? Filed within a week?

                No? And yet you have no sympathy for Huma, who may have thought Weiner could be reformed after his first stint (as did most of the people on this site, including you, I suspect).

                Now there is a second D-day for Huma. Do you have privileged knowledge into her mindset or her intentions right now? Do you know if she is forgiving Weiner or mentally lining up her ducks? No? I thought so.

                Frankly, if you are going to have this little sympathy for chumps because they are public figures, and see partisanship where there is none, good riddance.

              • Bravo, Tempest! I think the “political” statements that CL was originally criticized for are the only the reasons Sisyphus and MehFairLady are commenting at all. Why are the CHUMPS in the Weiner and Clinton situations being attacked???? Hillary and Huma are victims of their Narc husbands. Blame the victim, much? Then why isn’t it Monica Lewinsky’s fault for flashing her thong? My god, it’s like we’re in a 1950’s time warp.

                As a feminist liberal democrat, I could be outraged that Melania Trump has posed naked over and over again. Her official First Lady portrait will probably be her, some pearls, and Louboutins all sprawled out on the presidential seal carpet in the Oval Office. But you know what? She’s got a banging bod, she has the right to put on film whatever she chooses, and has the right to do with her body as she sees fit. As a feminist, I will defend her decisions to anyone.

                You know who is a faithful husband, has caused not one personal scandal in eight years, has never proven to be self-serving? Barack Obama. A respectable man.

              • ChumpLady writes, “Dear Huma,

                Please leave this guy. PLEASE.”

                but…Sisyphus claims, ” With every article here, we’re urged to kick the cheater to the curb and become a fierce self-proponent……unless you’re married to democratic party operative.”

                Hmmmmm… I said yesterday, straw man argument. Reading comprehension suffers when people have an (unwarranted) bone to pick.

              • All right “tempest”, here’s your answer as long as you’ve decided to attack me personally. I confronted my wife on Dec 24, confirmed Dec 27, moved out Jan 1, and was fully divorced and on my way by Feb 7. You suck.

          • “democrats had zero problem with cheaters during the Clinton years and when john Edwards had his meltdown. ”

            Really? Virtually every Democrat I know thought Clinton was a major ass for having sex with an intern, and good luck turning over rocks trying to find someone in the Democratic party willing to defend Edwards.

            And if push comes to shove, I prefer someone who has been victimized over someone who preys on others. You may not admire that someone allows themselves to be victimized, and want them to stand up for themselves, but who on this site did not tolerate ANY bullshit from their partner?

            Raise of hands? (crickets)

            We all found our voice, and our feet, eventually.

            • Edwards is a pariah. Not to mention Gore after the allegations of his cheating and beating surfaced. Again though, Tipper and Al are still married and dating others.

              Sisy and Meh, I’m not sure if y’all have been around for the Unicorn letters Chump Lady answers, and although CL is not a wreckonciliation site, we generally don’t condemn a person’s choices. Yes, counsel them and love them, hit them with a 2X4, but ultimately it is their life. Same with polygamy or any other life choices.

              I’ve seen people come back to the site after giving it another shot. Sometimes it takes more pain until it clicks.

              Annie, how do you keep that smell from seeping up out of the basement when the reporters come over?

              I’d hate to be in Weiner’s shoes today.

              • I simply say that I had a rat infestation, but I got it under control now.

            • Computer is posting strangely today, so I hope this post lands near my shout-outs.

              Tempest: Raised hand. Both hands. I’ll even sit down and raise hands and feet.

              Ian: spot on.

              Annie: dammit, that’s my LAST wired keyboard, and I am getting soundly trounced in my long-running war with wireless anythings, the brain of my Creep and keyboards included.

              Kar Marie, agreed, it doesn’t matter which party. That said, wow did I just remember a telling story from . . . stand by.

              • ClaireS–just to clarify–you didn’t tolerate any disrespect, any emotional abuse, or mindfuckery from your cheater? And left the minute you discovered his cheating? [Not trying to put you on the spot–I have a scientific interest in this, and would be thrilled if one of us did not tolerate any bullshit from the cheater in any realm.]

              • Tempest, OMG — MY ANSWER TO YOU WAS 180° WRONG. I thought you’d asked if we HAD tolerated abuse. Hence I raised my hands and feet. If I could “raise my brain” in answer to what I thought you were asking, I’d do that too.

              • ClaireS–I suspected you meant you had tolerated lots of emotional abuse from your cheater (which fits my hypothesis, but makes me sad that there aren’t exceptions. The knowledge that the vast majority of us had betrayal as the jar-of-cherries on top of the mountain of bad treatment just shows that cheaters are willing to heap insult on top of injury. We didn’t deserve either.).

          • “It should not matter if you belong to a certain party.” It doesn’t. So unless you are James Carville — and even then, given the epic fails of opinion polls — I’m not sure how you know what’s going on in the minds of millions of Democrats.

            I have a feeling, for example, that a LOT of Republicans heartily disapproved of one particularly head-spinning tale from the other side: David Vitter, the powerful Senior Senator from Louisiana. His wife Wendy is a HELLA good prosecutor. Scary good. She is also a flip-flopper. She is on record criticizing Hillary Clinton for tolerating infidelity. I can’t find the exact quote at the moment, but I recall her saying that if he cheated on her, she’d leave with one thing, and that one thing would NOT be alimony (yep – Lorena B.) But when David confessed to having had sex with prostitutes in 2007, Wendy became his staunch supporter. Stayed married to him. Supported him in his 2015 failed run for governor of Louisiana. And here’s a head spinner — in 2006, one year before he confessed he had cheated on his wife with prostitutes, he announced in a letter to The Times-Picayune, “I’m a conservative who opposes radically redefining marriage, the most important social institution in human history.”, accessed today

            He’s a staunch Catholic. I guess having sex with prostitutes does not radically redefine the marriage vow to forsake all others. I’m not angry at her for staying with him. I don’t know her reasons. I’m not a fan of her hypocrisy, but I get that until you go through it, it’s easy to make pronouncements. Ian Dubito put it best: …”we generally don’t condemn a person’s choices. Yes, counsel them and love them, hit them with a 2X4, but ultimately it is their life.” I’m pretty confident that plenty of Republicans were disgusted with Vitter’s cheating on his wife period, and cheating on his wife with prostitutes. What I don’t know is whether or not they filleted HER for staying. If they did, I disagree with them. Cheating is indignity enough.

        • I find your antagonism to Trump and by extension, his supporters (repeatedly expressed), very offputting, ChumpLady.

          It’s classic liberal “bad manners” — to inject insults and misrepresentations of the conservative side into what should be a NON POLITICAL setting.

          IMO, it limits the value of this site, which should feel safe to both conservatives, liberals and all in between.

          And no, Chump Nation does not feel safe to conservatives, because of your gratuitous injections of politics and little snide comments about Trump, in other comments as well.

          Let’s face it, so-called “feminists” excuse the addled and pathetic Bill Clinton — because he supports abortion — of repeated instances of rape, instead of making him a well-deserved pariah.

          By comparison, Trump is a choir boy, and not a serial “philanderer.”

          Trump is a classic American serial *monogamist,* whereas Bill Clinton is in a revolting “arrangement,” married to a lesbian who has “eaten more pussy than I have” (Bill to Gennifer Flowers) so that both can pig out at the public trough.

          tl;dr Unless the title of this site is “Chump Lady for Libs Only: Leave a Cheater, Gain a Liberal Life,” than there should not be columns or little snide asides that are pro-Hillary and anti-Trump. Because these little digs and asides tell conservative chumps they are basically looked down at and not welcome.

          • Where is CL’s defense of Bill Clinton, here? There is none. She has defended Hillary, who is NOT a cheater.

            Trump is both a cheater AND a class-A, prototypical narcissist (yes I do have a degree that allows me to make that characterization). In fact, I have used Trump and Kanye West as prototypical narcissists for the better part of a decade in a lecture I give on narcissism. (Madonna’s in there, too, just for sexual equality).

            • I love Chump Lady and Chump Nation, but I do agree that it’s obvious that there are a lot of Liberals that post on here that seem to attack conservatives. I don’t really see conservatives on here attacking Liberals, which is pretty much the norm I’ve discovered in other areas as well. Please keep narrow minded political beliefs to yourselves, as Chump Nation doesn’t need to hear any of that crap on this site. Also, Tempest when you accuse Trump of being a narc, what about the lying and deceitful Hillary? More and more lies are discovered on her everyday, and she seems to think she is above the law when it comes to all of the dirty deeds we know she is responsible for. She sounds very disordered and narc like to me, but I’m not going to keep bringing up politics on here, because as I have mentioned before, this blog is not the place for that shit. Keep your stuff to yourselves please. Conservatives don’t need to come here to feel attacked by Liberal views.

              • Well you just did bring up politics and a opinion. We are all here on account of being chumped. Our home and safe haven. I am not religious i am an athesist but i dont deny anyone their faith. In the comfort of my home i yell at the tv on politics. If a comment is made and a loud disagreement starts on politics. I will yell anthony weiner! Not a place for conservative or liberal issues. Weiner is a liberal democrat, so what, not the issue. Hes a damn cheater that was the point. We can all agree to disagree and that should end it.

              • NMFC – When someone expresses their views on whether or not Hillary Clinton is a “criminal”, I do not feel someone is attacking me as a liberal. Being a liberal or conservative encompasses many beliefs and values each person has, and if you, as a conservative, wish to attack Hillary Clinton’s character I honestly don’t see that as an attack on me personally.

                When CL or anyone in CN makes a statement about Donald Trump, they are making it about DONALD TRUMP, not you personally nor all conservatives as a group. If you take it that way, that is your choice.

                As for conservatives not attacking liberals? Ha! I read my Facebook feed everyday that is full of complete viciousness by conservatives attacking Hillary Clinton and liberals in general. If I took what my friends post personally, I wouldn’t have any friends left. They are entitled to their opinions just as I am.

                What I find far more disturbing than liberal/conservative bashing is that it is done in such a elementary school fashion. I think Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have turned this into an art form and have created savage rabid followers.

                I often wonder what Rooseveldt, Kennedy, Eisenhower, King and the like would think of how adults in America today behave . . .

              • As I mentioned, I do have some expertise in this area, and would not categorize Hillary as a narcissist. Trump, on the other hand, is a poster boy for narcisissm (as I have said for a decade, long before he was running for president). And my comments are not political–Weiner & John Edwards are both liberals I have argued are narcissists. Don’t cherry-pick my comments to suit your agenda.

              • Just speaking about narcissist and not politics, I just watched the documentary recently made called ‘Weiner’.

                I have never, in my life, seen a more narcissist person in my life – and there he is in full color and full pixels.
                He’s so disgusting that it’s not hard to miss one bit of his love for himself, and his body parts.

          • and correct me if I am wrong, but this column is disparaging about Anthony Weiner, who was a liberal hero (and a Democrat) until his fall after the dick pix fiasco years ago. CL is critical of cheaters and narcissists. Period. You have set up a straw horse.

          • I’m a card carrying Republican with leanings toward conservatism. I feel very safe here. In fact, here is where I can safely express my snark toward everyone regardless of their political views. I think CL and most people here apply their snark and opinions in equal measure regardless of the subject. I also think that offense is only taken when that snark hits too close to home.

            I’m the person who went to my exFIL gun club, all overweight white males, and after listening to them express their narrow life’s view, I went to the guest book signed in as Hillary Clinton. Yes, i’m also a feminist, so no I will not be voting for Hillary.

            I’m the person who has said for years, can’t we just have a presidential candidate who is honest about their opinions and how they see the world. Can’t someone just stand up and say, “Yes I smoke pot, what of it?” Be careful what you wish for because you might have someone who actually speaks their mind and it can be scary, so no, I will not be voting for Donald.

            I will spend the next four years in Canada drinking beer when asked if I’m paying attention to American politics, I will look at them squarely in the eye and say, “Eh?”

          • Get over yourself meh fair lady. The issues here are not anything but for the chumped. And you yourself insulted lesbians so i wouldnt point any fingers. This site is for us chumps. A little political talk is okay i didnt see anyone fighting about it or being nasty at all! Should we discuss the issues of being chumped based on liberal or conservative views. Please tone your tude and dont make me yell

            Holy pineapples! There are no peas in my pod!

            This is a place of comfort and healing. Please.

            • Please point out where I insulted lesbians.

              That’s right, I didn’t.


              • Perhaps i replied to the wrong post if i did my apologies. But please do not call it typical. But you did clump different groups the same. This post was calling out anthony weiner as a dirtbag which as a husband he is.

              • What you did do is post a crass comment made by an OW about a chump. Why?

                What was the purpose of that? You want to criticize Hilary for not being an out lesbian because of something an OW said? What was you point? It is not clear to me.

            • Kar Marie, I am so stealing this, it’s just perfect, and I wish I’d had it late last night when, for the sake of not blowing my cover, I had to fend off a gaslight attack from Cerberus (cheating H), without looking like I knew too much:

              “Holy pineapples! There are no peas in my pod!”

              That is wickedly funny in a gallows humor sort of way, all the more because I am a professional editor at times, and hence instinctively “learn” posters’ style …. those lines and their lead-in made for a visual that brought much-needed merriment. Hope you don’t mind, but next time, I’m using it. On him. And on too many others who are helping to make me feel outraged or crazy or both.

              • You go right ahead but thank rumblekitty for the pineapples part. The pod part is my own. You go girl!

              • Couldn’t remember the originator of pineapples, so, RumbleKitty, thanks! Kar Marie, thanks for the heads up.

          • MehFairLady – “Classic Liberal Bad Manners”? You just made a sweeping statement about all liberals on this site as you accuse Chump Lady of making political statements on a “NON-POLITICAL” site. Hello, Pot? This is the Kettle.

            I am a feminist and think Bill Clinton is a dirtbag. He gets no pass from me nor, I would suspect, millions of other feminists. He is the candidate’s spouse. How he conducted himself has absolutely nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton’s politics. John Edwards? Pig. What does he have to do with Mrs. Clinton?

            Trump is not a serial monogamist. He is a narcissistic pig who thinks of women as toys. As decoration. He speaks that way about his own DAUGHTER! Quote: “Yeah, she’s really something, that one. A real beauty. If I wasn’t happily married and, you know, her father . . .” You just can’t get any more perverted than that. Before he became a presidential candidate, he spent a ton of time on The Howard Stern Show. Being himself. Uncensored. The man is a pig.

            We don’t know why Mrs. Clinton chose to stay married to Mr. Clinton. I would suspect being married to the POTUS makes it a bit difficult to bag up his shit in Hefty Bags and tossing it on the White House lawn.

            Conservative bad manners are completely on display in your comment, MehFairLady. My only hope is that Mr. Trump does not get to prove that he is woefully unequipped to lead this country.

          • Since when does “serial monogamy” very public affairs?

            I lived in New York City when his affair with Marla Maples blew up his first marriage. He cheated. Everyone knows he cheated.

            Ivana is famous for saying “don’t get mad, get everything.” She did that from the position of the chump.

            So even if you want ignore all the stories about hisother misconduct while at the same time quoting some second hand account of what some crappy OW said about another cheater — do realize you are not depending a “serial monogamist. You are giving a pass to a well-known cheater.

            I see nowhere here where CL is being an apologist for Bill Clinton OR Weiner, I can’t say the same thing about you.

      • It is extremely dispicable and nasty but politics is a dirty business. I ate a lot of shit sandwiches to get where i needed to be and if huma eats a few more to not destroy her career. Its not right but i get it.

      • Sisyphus, I base my opinion on Hillary staying on the fact that admitting you have an open marriage is political suicide and neither Clinton would be willing to commit hair kari. I don’t really know that is true but given her strength and tenacity I believe it. At worse she is a chump, I’d take a her over the sexist, racist Trump any day.

        • I think I posted this elsewhere but it bears repeating. Americans have elected exactly ONE divorced president: Ronald Reagan. Scholars in the area (see, e.g., Michael Nelson) conclude that, at least as far as executive office is concerned, candidates and/or sitting presidents face near-insurmountable political disapproval if they are divorced or get divorced.

          • I think the only reason Ronald Reagan got away with it is they spackled over his first marriage really hard and really pushed the narrative that Ronnie and Nancy had been married for “years and years and years”. I’ve met way too many people that really didn’t know that Ronald Reagan was married to someone before Nancy.

    • Weiner is *SO* not a mongoose. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi would snap him like a twig.

    • Awake, not necessarily so. Huma whilst a very accomplished and attractive young woman may really love the jerk even with all the proof of betrayal and humiliation that she has been subjected to. She may have terribly low self esteem which may account for her staying with Anthony. We should cut her a bit of slack because the whole world knows of her betrayal and I could not imagine anything worse other than being married to such a creep. I hope that in time she will leave him but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Yeah, he totally has something on her. She has a job and he doesn’t. He is a stay-at-home-dad right now because he doesn’t have a job. If she were to divorce him now, not only would she likely have to pay this “mongoose” alimony, he would have a good case for getting full physical custody. For some, the “cost” of divorce is too high.

  • I’ve been avoiding politics since my Ted Cruz soup column, so please everyone keep the political opinions respectful here. Tempest has the flamethrower…

    • And y’all know how I’m itching to use medieval weapons (though I’d rather keep them sharp for cheaters).

  • I believe Hillary and Bill came to an agreement long ago. She is a badass, not the kind of woman to put up with shit. I hope she gets elected.

  • Huma, please run for the nearest exit off his crazy train! For yourself, your kids and your sanity. He’s a low life scum that will destroy you and your kids will end up having no respect for you.

  • This story is a perfect example of what happens to so many of us, myself included.

    We (and Huma) were single, and dating. Pursued by several men ( for her, lots more then me, I’m sure). Some are very attractive, physically. But we are looking for someone “serious” and someone “safe”. So who do we end up with? Not Mr. Sexy or Mr. Good looking, Mr. Good in Bed. Not even Mr. Fun. Nooo, we end up with Mr. Good Guy. And he turns out even worse than any of the others because he is a SNEAK! Like us, she can’t believe she passed up these other guys only to get fucked over by this loser.

    • Anita! You said it. My ex was exactly what you said. I was propsed to by Mr. Good Looking and Mr. Good in bed, but didn’t trust either one of them and went for Mr. Good Guy. I should have run 6 months before we got engaged when I felt like he did not support me like I supported him. He was also pretty critical. But he begged me to stay because ‘I made him a better person’. Fact of the matter is he upgraded when I married him and his little fuck buddy is a definite downgrade. I am so much better off without him!

      • My experience exactly. I’d been burned, was only meeting losers, and pushing 30. (If only I realized then how young 30 is!) Along comes this nice guy, great guy, and I think “oh he’s safe, he won’t hurt me, he’ll be a great dad.” To this day people who don’t know tell me what a great guy he is and how lucky I am. Ugh. How do you convince people he’s a lying, cheating scumbag? It must be all my fault right? That’s the worst part. At least the world can see that Anthony Weiner is, well, aptly named.

        • Right! I cringe after poeole tell me how repulsive they think cheaters are and then in rhe next breath tell me how much they like the ex because he is such a nice guy.

          • And one more thing that gets me about Mr. Good Guy Cheater. He sold the same line of shit to the whore. He’s a great guy! Great husband! Great father! All around Mr. Wonderful!

            Who just happens to be married, and dating, with a young child, on the down low. And she knew this about him. Smh. The ow are willing to accept shit like that. And the wives are the Jealous, Insecure ones??? Keep telling yourselves that, ow.

        • Right, it’s a very common story. and the Mr. Good Guy persona serves two purposes.

          1. If he had to compete with better looking, more successful guys, it gives him an advantage because you would never pick him to begin with if he weren’t so “good” or “nice”. You would have picked one of them.

          2. He gets away with his shit because you weren’t suspicious of him cause he ” wouldn’t do that “. Mine had a basic free pass, where as if he I’d known he was Mr. Playa. I would have had my guard up. These losers know what they are doing, for sure.

          And yes I want to puke if I ever hear how wonderful he is/was.

          • Anita.. Spot on. Perfect. I posted in July about my lying, cheating, “inexperienced”, Good Guy husband (See the ILYBINILWY blog). I was so convinced I married the safest, most family oriented man on the planet. It’s exactly why I ignored all the blazing red flags he was cheating. (An affair for a year and a half with a coworker while I was pregnant with our 2nd child). I mean the signs where HUGE and the lies so obvious (now) that I can’t believe I ever ignored it. He’d NEVER do that!!! He was even (pretend) disgusted when a friend of mine found out her husband cheated!!
            I dated a great guy before I married H, we broke up because he didn’t seem like good long term, steady partner material. Unlike the “sweet innocent” man who was persuing me. Ugh!!

            I would like everyone to know at CN, because of the strength I’ve drawn here and from my own friends & family, I kicked him out Saturday. Three months of MC and nothing dramatic happened but just couldn’t stand the thought of spending my life with someone who would be CAPABLE of that level of deceit. I kept thinking about what Tempest said in an earlier post about how many lies and decisions he made to cheat for so long and that I caught him, he didn’t confess. I have no doubt he’d still be at it. He seems shocked I would actually leave when he’s “trying so hard” to rebuild our marriage …but I’m filing for divorce this week. I’m finished.

            Thank you my friends.

            • Well-done, Katie!!! You get a chump badge for Self-Respect, and another for Kicking Cheater to the Curb!

              This is a hard, and heart-breaking process; we all know that. Doesn’t feel like it now, perhaps, but you will be stronger for empowering yourself. Hugs!

              • Thanks Tempest. It is SO HARD.

                Our current MC suggested last week that we plan a “romantic trip” so we could spend some alone time and reconnect. I felt nauseated. It was the push I needed.

              • Ugh. The idea of being trapped for 4 days on a cruise ship with a nauseating cheater. No wonder it was the push you needed.

              • Hooray for you Katbug!!! So glad to hear that you are done with the lack of effort and spackling. I know how hard it is to believe how much he sucks…. Divorce is such a tough road… I’ve been there with there. Hang in there.. It gets better! Here cheering you on… Peaky

            • Big hugs to you. I know how hard it is to make this break. Some days will be harder than others, but each day will get a little bit better. You gave yourself the best gift you can ever have. The gift of knowing your worth.

              • Annie…”You gave yourself the best gift you can ever have. The gift of knowing your worth”. THIS times a million

              • I have to say Annie, that I read and reread your post about how you didn’t want to spend the next 27 years of your life like this. It really struck a cord.
                I wanted to think he’d never do it again after he saw first hand the devastation. Then, I thought, do I really want to find out?? Nope. I mean, look at this Weiner guy…you’d think the public humiliation the 1st time would have had him AT LEAST waiting a little longer before he showed himself again. I don’t want to worry about how many months or years it will take for mine to do the same.

                I just know I couldn’t survive a D day#2.

              • Katie

                If only I had CL and CN through the misery years of Reconcilliation.

                There is always another DDay.

                Your smart enough to get out of the burning house.
                Congrats to you!

            • Stay strong Katbug! I am so thankful that you know you have support and that you are not alone. CN is full of good advice from people who truly care and understand what you are going through.
              You and your kids are in my thoughts and prayers!

          • And yes, I had supposed “Mr. Good, safe guy”. I picked him because of his sweet, caring personality… Who knew he secretly despised me and “punished” me and I didn’t even know it! How do you try to fix your picker when it seemed to work so good??? He told me that most of his friends were cheating behind their wives/gf’s backs. Just blew me away that it’s so common amongst some people…I did the pick me dance for 6.5 years with that pile of excrement. You just never know sometimes..

      • Ohhhh… the criticism. We need to teach our daughters and sons–if someone is critical of you early on, they are not relationship material. Run. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

      • I love it. Sex and violence are okay topics in 2016. Changing the narrative on cheating. Just stay away from religion and politics. Ooops.

        Would the parallel of “nice guy” for a straight man be: a woman who is fat, flat chested, assless, frigid, and can’t give me a son? Does the “nice guy” metaphor work for gay men?

        I don’t have any personal experience because I am gorgeous, intelligent, and fuck like a beast. I will fuck un-hot men and women, but I only do long-term relationships with hotties.

        But let me put in a word for the straight “good guys,” who got chumped.

        Just like we say that cheaters don’t discriminate when it comes to their fuck buddies, it holds to reason that you can’t judge a guy by his niceness. There are plenty of nice guys who aren’t cheaters (some of my best friends are nice guys.)

        Cheaters come in all varieties. Y’all picked the wrong dudes. That sucks. Y’all have my deepest sympathies. I picked the wrong Match Girl.

        But fuck ’em all. We made it, we dumped a cheater, and we’re free!

        • Ian, I don’t think anyone is saying that all nice guys are cheaters, rather, that we picked our loser cheating bastards because of the “nice guy” mask they wore so well. I’m sure it’s the same for you guy chumps-you picked based on criteria where you believed they were decent human beings and would make wonderful life partners.

          Unfortunately, for all of us here, that was so not the case. Because we projected our own values onto them, we did not see that they wore a mask. It wasn’t until the mask dropped from our partners and we saw the sheer ugly beneath, that we realized how much of a lie it all was.

          I feel for you. I feel for all us chumps who were devastated. I feel for our kids that had their worlds blown apart because one of their parents lacked integrity, honor and truthfulness.

          I do know one thing from being on this site, we are stronger and better than those fake “nice guy/gal” cheating scum. We will get past the anger and regain a much better life. Be strong!

        • Good point, @Ian-Dubito, we should be careful here not to typecast what a “Good guy” really is. A little like the mistakes people make in assuming who the rapists, pedophiles, and thugs are.

        • As a recovering Nice Guy whose nice guy tendencies led to being manipulated and cheated on, I did cringe a bit reading Anita’s good guy generalizations. At the same time, I respect her experiences, but I’m not sure I agree with those generalizations. I doubt there is a correlation between being Nice or Good and being ugly, bad in bed, and cheating.

          In any case, they don’t apply to Huma, because she married a long-time congressman, a powerful politician, so Mr. Weiner is not a Good Guy in the traditional sense.

          • Buddy, we aren’t talking about people who actually are “, good” here but those who falsely present themselves as such. It’s false advertising, at its worst.

            • Thanks, I do understand.

              I suppose I’m a bit sensitive with the whole Nice Guy thing, because 1) it manifested in the lengthy demise of my marriage 2) there is a ongoing association with Nice Guys and Passive Aggressiveness, so I’ve done a lot of soul searching into my possible passive aggression. Still not sure where I stand on that one, whether or not i have some dark, evil PA side or not, or if I was just too wimpy to stand up to her and face the wrath of personality disorderedness.

              But yeah, if you are a girl dating a Nice Guy, that is a red flag regardless of whether he is an evil narcissistic manipulator or a truly a Good Guy.

              Hopefully that good guy is actively working on his back bone.

          • Also, I don’t know that there is a relationship between appearance and presenting themselves as Good Guys. My ex was OK looking, above average intelligence, suitably employed. But…. He liked to talk about what a Good Person he was, and do Good Things, and talk about them. I’m not saying that is wrong in itself, but he used his front as a Good Guy to gain an advantage over guys who weren’t “so good” when in reality he was no better than they were, he was just sneaky about it.

            And no, most guys I’ve known that are exceptionally good looking or good in bed don’t usually use the Good Guy persona that I’ve seen, probably because they get all the women they want with out it. But I’m not an expert or anything, lol.

            • The good guy question is perplexing. I’m so glad I’m not interested in a long term relationship with a guy because they are inscrutable.

          • Buddy, there is one correlation for me: good guys and nice guys by my definition DON’T CHEAT.

            I’m not sure what “Good Guys” and “Nice Guys” mean in all of these posts, but I do know that I am kicking myself because I didn’t trust the GENUINELY nice, good guy whom I adored but was afraid wasn’t real. The years have proven it: I was an idiot. He really was and is great: kind, compassionate, generous, dependable, funny, and emotional.

            Sometimes I soothe myself by remembering his room-warming grin, or the way he’d toss me over his shoulder when I was being a pain in the ass and then he’d just march around the house, or one night when he showed me how to swing dance — Norwegian style — and was delighted that I caught on.

            I married a man who I thought was a good, nice guy (trying to avoid the crazy of my father, and had learned from Norwegian man). Current H is scarily adept at appearing to be a good, nice guy. He’s not nice or good. He’s what G. Simon would call a “covert aggressive,” I think. Ick, eewww, Just No, especially b/c he’s got ’em all fooled. So, partly for your sake, I’m furious about his sick ability to impersonate someone who loves well. I hope you stay who you are!

        • Ian, I said specifically that I was talking about the men who use the “Good Guy Persona”, as in they are actually fake Good Guys.

          The Good Guy categories are:

          1. Actual Good Guys. They are what they present themselves as being, ie, decent human beings. Cheaters cannot be in this group.
          2. Good Guys, but with an Agenda. Aka, White Knights. They do nice things, and act decent enough, but always expect a reward , like sex or adoration, etc. Their motivation does not match their actions.
          3. Fake Good Guys. The ones who pretend to be nice because it gives then an unfair advantage, esp. where women and relationships are concerned. They lie and cheat while pretending to be repulsed by people who do. They are dishonest players.

          • My ex, for example, never even once did anything inappropriate toward a woman in front of me. No flirting, no staring, no comments about women, nothing that ever gave me concern regarding our relationship. Yet, he started sneaking around dating a whore behind my back. And lying about it. And acting like Satan when confronted about it.

            I’ve dated players in the past and wasn’t interested in another one. This guy knew that, and used it to his advantage. That’s what I’m talking about.

            • Ther is a huge difference between “nice guys” and good guys (or gals). It’s important to know the difference

            • That is my story, Never looked at another woman, no porn, no commenting on other women… criticized my way of dressing, my pants are too tight, my dress is too short.. Always accusing me of “looking for male attention” based on my style of dressing, if i stayed to long in the mirror before leaving the house to work. When i caught him with his….whatever, she had on pants so tight she had a serious camel toe…dafuk????

            • How to know you are married to a “Nice Guy”
              1. They get up at 3am to give the baby a bottle so you can sleep even though they need to be to work by 8am and you are on maternity leave
              2. They earn 80% or more of the income
              3. They do 70% of the cooking
              4. They do 70% of the parenting
              5. They do 100% of the repairs, yardwork, auto maintenance, and maybe 60% of the cleaning and laundry, even though they are the primary wage earner
              6. They at first say “No we can’t afford for you to go to the spa” but eventually somehow, with your ways you end up at the spa
              7. They spend <10% of the disposable income on themselves, and 90% on you and the kids
              8. They do all the bill paying
              9. They only exercise during "work" time when the kids are at school
              10. On the weekends, all of their agenda items are postponed while yours are the main priority

              Nice Guys can say "No" but not sustain a "No" in the face of sustained manipulative tactics.

              • Yes, this. Not sure it meets the definition of “nice” vs “good” guy as discussed elsewhere on this site, but wow, Buddy, was this you? It sure sounds like me. I hope you don’t mind that copied and pasted that into my little divorce notes clipboard.

              • Buddy,

                This is not what a “nice guy” does. This is what a guy does who has been beat down. There are so many forms of abuse besides physical. There is also emotional, psychological, financial, etc. I carried most of the weight too and things I didn’t know how to do just went undone. He’d get all pissed off and feel “put upon” if I got out the hammer. He’d yell, “I said I’d get to it!” What’s the magic number of months I’m supposed to wait to have the faucet repaired? Do you even use a hammer on a faucet? Well, I will find out as I have to take care of the bathtub faucet this weekend.

                Anyway, a nice guy means you are kind and considerate of your partner’s feelings and needs. Yep, you might have to do 100% of the work on a really particularly bad day your partner is having, but it will be made up to you when you’ve had a really bad day. There is no 50-50 in life. One person usually does more than the other at one thing, but the slack is picked up elsewhere.

                Don’t do this again. If someone doesn’t reciprocate for your thoughtfulness, talk to them about it. Give them time to see what it means. I swear that if I came home and dinner was being made and there were flowers on the table and soft music in the background, I’d just stand there like an idiot and not know what I was suppose to do next. I have had the occasional hot dog or hamburger made for me, but that’s about it. It has never happened to me with all three. I might just go out and start vacuuming because I would think company was coming over. I just would be stymied. There are too many women out there that want someone who pays attention for you to tolerate this type of treatment.

              • Just yesterday, we were arguing about whether to get a water filter pitcher for the house. I was hesitating and I said why: I was the one who was always cleaning it and changing the filters. She replied back with a snarky remark about how she cleaned the stove a couple weeks… yeah… um, good for you, you did that one-time thing on your own (never asking if I could help) and what about this other long list of things you never lift a finger to do around the house or elsewhere for our family? There’s such an imbalance of what each of us does that it’s not funny.

              • Chump2 – wow, your chores were whacko unbalanced. But, I found it humorous that she cleaned the stove 2 wks ago. If you meant oven, most are self-cleaning and, in fact, stoves are easy to clean too if you wipe up everyday. Unless you have a stove from the 1920’s?

    • Oh god – that was Fucktard -Mr. Nice Guy. Such a good guy, such a wonderful person. So damn safe. In fact, that is what I loved most about him, he made me feel safe. Boy was I ever wrong on that!

    • That was my ex too! He was ‘the good guy’. Not terribly good looking, not exceptionally smart, not great in bed, but for all appearances, he was the good guy. And, much to my embarrassment now, there were signs and red flags before we got married that I dismissed. Nothing really glaring but the signs were there. I get the same response from people, ‘oh, he’s such a good guy’. No the fuck he is not. The only thing that kept our marriage intact for so long was because he was in the Navy. He was home just long enough to keep up the pretenses. When he retired he couldn’t keep it up and the mask finally slipped.

    • WOW Anita-
      Spot on about the good guy thing!!

      Not my type looks wise-Check
      Over the top “Nice”-Check
      Super affectionate & romantic (until we married)-Check
      Everyone thought he was a good guy-Check
      He wanted a serious relationship-Check
      I thought he was safe-Check


      In hindsight, I glossed over the high school marching band of red flags because he was supposedly the good guy who would never do anything wrong because he was so nice. The truth was he was a textbook narcissistic predator and master manipulator. I had never encountered anyone like that before and I fell for his whole act-hook, line, and sinker. It gives me chills to think about it but I will never be put in that situation again.

      • ” he was supposedly the good guy who would never do anything wrong because he was so nice. The truth was he was a textbook narcissistic predator and master manipulator. I had never encountered anyone like that before and I fell for his whole act-hook, line, and sinker”

        So EXACTLY the same. Never encountered anyone like my STBX. Never. He was Mr. Wonderful, in everyone’s eyes so when he devalued me at home, I felt like there must be credence to it because he was so perfect. ? Vomit

    • Same here, Anita– I picked a guy that I thought was super trustworthy, came from a decent and normal family, and though intelligent and funny, not very good-looking. Unfortunately, I was always suspicious of good-looking guys because I felt they were probably players. This whole experience of being cheated on has certainly taught me how wrong I was about that. Anyone can be a narcissistic jerk, including the “nerd” who isn’t being flocked around and flirted with. I thought he was a “safe” choice, and he was so scrupulous about his schoolwork and doing his taxes correctly, he didn’t seem like the type who would ever cheat.

      • Wow! Are they all alike? To think I thought he was one of a kind and that there was nobody anywhere who could understand the years of devaluation/gaslighting that i was going through.
        I thought I was being strong and making the best of one bad situation after another. Pretending everything was fine for the sake of the children. Saying, excusing and doing things to manage Daddy’s image in the process. Now I realize that by living with a liar, I had unintentionally become a liar.

        • Did you know that — as in, really know that, and also that you were almost certainly going to be abused — when you committed to him? Uneasy inklings don’t count.

          If you didn’t know, then he marshaled a different “good guy” persona — maybe intellectual companion, or supporter of female brainiacs, and IIRC, not detectably a raging infidel with a penchant for grad students (i.e. he presented himself, by omission, as a person who was NOT a cheater).

          If you did know that he was a certified asshole who would cheat on and abuse you, then I am all the more impressed that you made it out alive, let alone with vibrance and aplomb and grace.

          Either way, it seems to me that you and all of us will have to live and contend with having been abused by people we loved or cared about or were attached to deeply. Even Meh isn’t immune from occasional stabs of agony. Even Meh requires remembering that decency unarmed is decency disarmed. The latter is imperative to know, heartbreaking to endure, and haunting to recall.

          • Thanks, ClaireS. I don’t let myself off the hook entirely–I knew he was difficult, and arrogant, and impolite, but he was also brilliant and fun and seemingly vulnerable. His whole family thought I made him a better person; his friends thought I made him a better person. I just made him better at deception and impression management. The line from “Sociopath Next Door” about the disordered using pity to get other people to do what they want haunts me.

            I did tolerate emotional abuse before we got married, but because it seemed to improve, and because I fought back, did not realize it would escalate after marriage. I did not think he would cheat on me because he knew what the consequences would be (but his arrogance at not getting caught, or at being able to talk himself out of it, trumped his fear of consequences).

            Now, I’m headed to my bathroom to write in red lipstick on my mirror, “Do NOT try to save people from themselves!!!!” until it sinks in.

  • She’s probably waiting until after the election. She’s has a lot going on right now

  • So simple and elegant… The best way to bring a cheater down is to be a better liar, to draw out the behavior you want to see in a place you want to see it, and capture it. It’s how the police keep catching the child porn people and it’s how this catfisher caught Weiner’s wiener.

    I think catfishing is abhorrent. Deliberate deception to harm another is on my “not ok under any circumstances” list. I don’t mean to glorify the catfisher. I only mean to say, it’s so sad because it’s so easy. Weiner has not changed, and proving it was as easy as rolling down a hill. Sext a sexter, then set the hook, then reel in slowly. It’s equivalent to catching a 100 pound fish without a fight.

    I agree that there has to be some additional hidden reason Huma is still married to him. We can’t judge. We have been there. But we can say, with conviction and empathy, that he is awful and likely incapable of being a healthy adult partner, and, therefore, isn’t yet worthy of having a healthy adult partner. He needs more baking time before he will be complete. Maybe a lot more.


    • As for him, all I have to say is, “You are mad because you feel duped, set up, betrayed? Welcome to the point. Also, if you weren’t available to BE set up, that would make all the difference. You can’t blame the devil when YOU take the bait, Son.”

      I would never get caught sexting. Know why? I would report and block immediately, save until I knew I didn’t need evidence, then delete, because I DON’T DO THAT SHIT. Also, I have a partner, and that would be the FIRST person I would tell. Because, duh.

      • Yep. Well-said. And these freaks like Weiner convince themselves that “everyone does it” so poor him that he got suckered. Not.

    • According to ex asswipe all he has to do is smile at a woman and they want him! Wish i could put a red flag on top of his head.

  • I think Hillary has never stopped doing the pick me dance. Her value to Bill has been whatever she could do for him, whether cultivating connections, publicly lashing out at his detractors, bringing in the funds to advance CGI and the Foundation. Even to her own detriment. When Bill called her the “change maker” he did not lie.

      • Not denying that. She for sure has the goods on him. She’s smart and conniving and it’s payback time for all your sins, Billy boy. But there is a part of me that thinks she is still doing a bit of a dance.

  • O.M.G.

    This column is so very off-base.

    Huma and Hillary are NOT chumps like we little people.

    They are 1) romantic partners and 2) carrying on cynically with their sham marriages and 3) neither of them has had a real “job” in their lives.

    • It is not fair to assume that privilege makes one complicit in their own betrayal or that it makes them immune to the pain of infidelity. We may be “little people,” but I thank the stars that I wasn’t forced to put my chumpdom on public display for all the world to see, and judge, and mock.

      • Agree. It still hurts like the dickens, and then you have to put on a stoic public face on top of the pain.

        • Yep. I had enough now-former friends and family judging me for leaving my cheating wife, and there were certainly others judging/blaming me that I didn’t know about. That aspect would have been much worse had I been a public figure.

    • Being a lawyer, then a senator, then Secretary of State, are not real jobs? Okay. SMH.

      • +1, Linden. I agree with you. Both Hilary and Huma have had real jobs with real responsibilities, as is typical of chumps.

      • Ha ha ha!! I hope you are not serious that senator/SOS are “real” jobs.

        And lawyer, well at the Rose Law Firm, that was more of a license to be a criminal.

    • Clinton has had a “real” job all of her adult life. In fact, for many years, she was the bread winner of the family. I thought we were trying to avoid politics, but some folks just can’t help themselves…

    • Let me illustrate how the claim Hillary and Huma have never had a job in their lives is sexist.

      I think we would all find these sentences absurd:

      “Henry Kissinger (Sec of State) never had a real job in his life”
      “James Carville (Campaign Manager) never had a real job in his life.”

      • Exactly, Tempest. I just don’t get it. Must be because they each don’t have the almighty penis. (We sure know Weiner has one – thanks Twitter!)

    • Um….Secretary of State is a pretty real job….but otherwise I agree. Huma and Hils both seem tomhave huffed a lot of,hopium.

    • In the case of Clinton, her husband stood up in front of America and proclaimed how awesome she is. I wondered why he continuously cheats on such an “awesome” person. Not all politicians are greasy liars but the ones carrying on this charade certainly are!

      • Most of us are awesome, and yet many of us had serial cheaters. Why? It’s about them, not us.

    • “neither of them has had a real “job” in their lives.”

      Being a lawyer isn’t a real job? Senator? Secretary or State?

  • Huma lives in NY, but she is using some “Washington DC Professional Grade Spackle” up there.

    In DC we have Military and Political Cheaters..we spackle for God and Corps and Country.

    I think my picture is on the jumbo can …next to an image of rainbow and fairy dust…you can by a 5 gallon tub at Costco.

    • I may be flamed for this but I gotta say it.

      Huma is just like Hillary. Putting up with a cheater to further her own ambitions.

      • Except that makes exactly zero sense. Weiner has ZERO political clout. NONE. Whereas she has the ear of Hillary Clinton. She’s the one with the power here.

        • She does have the power and as we know as chumps, timing is everything. Yet she needs to protect her son. This would be my priority.

      • Yup. They want to be power couples. Instead they’re doormats. I have to wonder what is the current price for dignity in DC these days – must be pretty cheap.

    • Could it be that Huma’s status as a married woman will get her further in her political career than as a single woman? Look at Hillary, that’s what she did stayed married to a philanderer, and we all know her marriage is a sham. So maybe Huma wants to remain married to advance her career. I’m not saying that’s what I would do, but I know many people who think this way…

      • Unless you have been in a “high profile” marriage, you have no idea why a person stays or goes. Yes, some of the same considerations apply, but there is a whole other level to it also. It is one of those instances where walking a mile in that person’s shoes is eye opening. I do believe that Hillary loves Bill and that, to the extent he can, Bill loves Hillary. They have made peace with their relationship, that much is clear and I do not think that her decision to stay in any way negatively impacts her qualification as our potential president.

  • “It was set up by you guys, obviously,” he told The Post as he clutched a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and his son in the other.”

    Great, now Weiner’s son witnessed the interaction and I wonder what kind of messages this is teaching him. That poor child, to have a father, who is this deranged, and to be witnessing the mess that just won’t go away. I really feel for that innocent son. I wonder how he’ll see women as he grows up… But Weiner isn’t the least bit concerned about teaching his son morals and values. And why Huma stays in this situation is even more baffling to me.

  • This: “All this shit he does? Flirting, sexting, handing out his personal cell number to pretty girls on Twitter? That’s HIM. That’s the real him. A guy who doesn’t give two shits about your pain.”

    It was so hard to accept that the sex ads, the hooker, the porn addiction, the other women were the real him. That the sweet, loving guy was a mood he was in when I was lucky and the angry, passive-aggressive jerk was the underlying constant. When you’re deeply attached, it’s hard to make such harsh judgements about the person you love, but the only way to break free is accept what their ACTIONS tell you.

    • Yup. That’s why reconciliation never works. It’s not just what they did, it’s what they are.

      • I agree Carmella. And once they cheat, it’s because the cheater no longer wants to be with you sexually and/or emotionally. So reconcile what? Their sexual attraction back to you? emotionally wanting to be with you?

        The cheater is no longer interested in being with you, but rather is now looking to be with someone else. And reconciliation doesn’t work because it’s intent is to bring you back together with someone, who’s dynamic has no become to get away from you.

        • Carm, ” It’s not just what they did, it’s what they are” YES THIS**** That’s the saddest part of all…
          Kellia, I don’t know if my cheater ever realllllly emotionally attached… If he would have, perhaps he would have thought twice about cheating on me or you in your case… Right? Sexually, sure he wanted to be with me, although he definitely withheld lots of sex from me… why? well duh… he was cheating! When you’re giving it away all the time, it’s hard to perform, so you gotta pretend that you just aren’t that interested in sex like you used to be! But let’s try Viagra and ecstasy and some aphrodisiac stuff you find in the Asian fish market because well, “I don’t perform like I used to and I haven’t masturbated in YEARS”… I wonder if anyone on CN got that from their cheaters. Hmmm…

          I agree that there is nothing to reconcile. Cheaters are always looking for the next strange to make them feel special and wanted. If she thinks I look good and notices me, why not sneak a piece while nobody’s looking?! ESPECIALLY when I have my dumass friends and family to cheer me on! Me and my AWESOMENESS…

          • “I don’t know if my cheater ever realllllly emotionally attached… If he would have, perhaps he would have thought twice about cheating on me or you in your case…”

            I think you hit the nail on the head. These cheaters never really bond or attach to their partners. Otherwise, it would take a gun for a normal person to leave their loved one. Yet the cheater, just so easily and happily decides to pork someone else, move on and discard the partner without a second thought. I think the bond isn’t properly there in the first place.

            • I feel I’m in the minority in thinking that this is true even without cheating. Suddenly announcing that you’re leaving, with no warning or discussion, seems equally horrible to me. But I guess it would because that’s my situation. Like our life together meant nothing.

              I get confused because my ex was nowhere near as bad as some of your exes. She threw me away without a second glance, but otherwise her life continued on as normal. Our culture values constant happiness over commitment and I got ran over because of it.

              • Dear Which Way Did She Go, that’s just it-real people make commitments. They understand that it’s not going to always be daisy filled meadows, sunshine and rainbows They realize that sometimes you don’t like each other. You get on each other’s nerves, but you respect each other. You love each other thru the bad, as well as the good. You make it work because that’s what a relationship actually is; the whole gamut of human emotions and experiences with one special person.

                We were fully developed adults that understood what commitment actually meant, just married to emotionally stunned yahoos that wanted “perfection.” Their lose.

  • I am a foreigner and don´t know much about US politics…had to google who this Weiner guy is, but what is for sure, he must have some major major narc charm going on because with that scary smile, weird face and his last name, I wonder why a smart, attractive, professional woman would ever go out with him, or even worse, marry him and give him second, third and fourth chances. I understand Hillary´s agreement with Bill (don´t condone it) as her only way of breaking the glass ceiling, but does Huma really need this guy for that? At least Bill has been smart enough to never get caught again….

    • Chumpita, he was a sitting congressman the first time. And he should have known better but a cheater is a cheater. What the hell makes these assholes think for one second we or most women want to look at their dick or underwear glamour shots? Ewwwww! Technology definately has its good points but palease! Makes it easier to do more cheating. Big tough alpha males! Ha! Cock in one hand phone in the other. What a bunch of losers.

  • And if you’re on twitter, she’s @HumaAbedin. At this point in her career Weiner is dragging her down. I hope Huma puts down the spackle trowel and decides to give Anthony the old heave ho. Maybe after the election and winter holidays are over?

    • I know! I thought the same thing

      I also know that both of their families were vehemently opposed to their marriage, due to their religion. He is jewish and she is muslim (Indian and Pakistani).And the 2 of them fought really hard to be together. They both defied their families and married anyway. I guess after fighting so hard to be with Weiner, Huma probably doesn’t want to walk away from a marriage she fought so hard to get into…

      This may not be the reason for staying, but it could be one of the factors she doesn’t want to leave the marriage.

  • I’m not loyal to any particular party, and this current crop of candidates locally as well as national remind me of the Saturday’s Looney Toons cartoons I watched as a kid. Here in the Midwest candidate hopefuls were toten guns and blowing up stuff….seriously.
    Anthony Wiener is an embarrassment and I believe Huma is waiting till things cool down a bit. To be fair a divorce at this stage would be vitriolic and nasty. Better to wait until after the election.

    As far as Hillary is concerned, I do agree her chances for political advancement would have been voided if she’d have divorced him earlier. His behaviour was humiliating and like many of us have done, she lashed out at the ow.
    I don’t believe she is doing the pick me dance but instead playing by her rules chasing her dreams. Bill Clinton is an old man with old man issues. His old wrinkly penis ain’t what it used to be.

    Their relationship is probably one of power and warped friendship, not one for me. For now it works for her. It took years for me to untangle myself and find were the money was. I also had young ones and they got more by me staying. I kinda wish she had dropped kicked his ass, but hell I’d stay married long enough until it benefited me as well. Bill’s penis just isn’t important enough to risk losing an election.

    • I agree with much of what you said, except that I don’t remember Hillary ever lashing out at Monica. In fact I think she did a pretty admirable job at not lashing out at Monica.

      • Of course Hillary lashed out at Monica and all the other bimbos. She tried to destroy them.

        The problem is that people are so loyal to their political party that they can’t accept faults with their political heroes. I would not allow Bill Clinton to enter my house because he’s a predator and liar. But millions of people are eager to have him in the white house because of the myth of the political family. Frankly they’re more like a crime family.

        • I myself don’t view criticizing an OWhore who deliberately flashed her thong underwear to the president as a character flaw. And that view would be the same if a Republican chump had done it. You should hear the names I use for my X’s APs.

    • Jinx, I totally agree with your post and believe Huma is just staying with Weiner till after the election. The Clinton campaign does not want or need any (more) scandals, especially right now. Plus Weiner has made it quite obvious he has zero self control, is a self serving nutcase and would end up being a loose cannon, mouthing off God knows what to the press.

  • Yet one more reason in a litany of many that giving a cheater a second chance is like giving them another bullet because the missed you the first time. It’s no doubt a much bigger shit sandwich with no condiments when this hot mess takes place on the public stage.

    Huma please, this narcissistic twit keeps showing you who he his. Please believe him.

  • I’ve said the same thing CL said about Hillary: “How much of Bill’s duplicity has tainted Hillary. The stench has wafted over to her, even if she had nothing to do with his latest “shenanigan”. Would the public view her differently today if she kicked him to the curb in 1998?”

    But, the latest Weiner story just illustrates again, “These people don’t change. For anyone here at CN thinking you have a unicorn, know you’ll be doing marriage police and D-DAYs for the rest of your life.” My EH married his last AP (because he refuses to get a job so he must live off of somebody) and I saw a picture of her recently. She has aged TREMENDOUSLY in the last 2 years. She’s 51, but could pass for 71. These people DON’T change, EVER.

    Get away from them!

    • “She has aged TREMENDOUSLY in the last 2 years. She’s 51, but could pass for 71.”

      Lol, yeah, being married to douchebag does that to you. It ages you exponentially.

    • Would the public view her differently if she had dumped Bill in 1998. I believe so. I quite vividly remember her remarks about”baking cookies” etc. Back then I believe she would have been labeled a shrew.

  • Quote from Vanity Fair: “If Clinton is elected in November, chances appear likely that Abedin’s arrangement with her husband will allow her to claim a very senior position in the Clinton White House, and that will go far in restoring the credibility that her husband’s behavior robbed from her.”

    Maybe that’s why Huma is staying. Her eyes are on that high powered position in the white house.

    • Although she’ll get that even if she leaves Weiner. Huma is indispensable to Hillary.

      • Yes, but if she leaves him now, he’ll more than likely be vindictive and do a “tell all” piece about Hillary. Huma HAS to stay with him and make nice till after the election.

        • Maybe, just maybe Hillary and Huma will both divorce their husbands after they get into the White House. Imagine how that would look, double divorce right after they make it into power! lol…

          • Maybe they would and God knows the divorces would be completely justified. However, I remember reading many years back that Bill (before he ran for President) was planning to leave Hillary. Hillary then talked him into running for president, knowing he couldn’t leave or divorce her while running for president. If this is true, that was one hell of a pick me dance.

            • Bill’s best suits strewn in the Rose Garden, Hillary with a screwdriver changing every damn lock on that big White House, and Bill suggesting he can pay rent to live in the basement. A cheater is a cheater that knows no economic, political, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin boundaries. So we chumps better find our own and start enforcing them.

  • Her situation as a chump is unique. Why not go for a prestigious position? She is taking care of her needs. Lining up the ducks is different when your in her shoes. She is playing her cards with the hand she was given and doing it well in my opinion.

  • I think if Huma and/or Hillary stay for political reasons, so be it. I stayed with my husband for two years because he was a paycheck while I was getting my ducks in a row. Maybe for them the White House is that last giant duck.

  • That is great stuff. For those of you that believe in the karma bus here is a good one from the weekend. My ex was with the OM at a town event in Denver and who did they run into the OM’s STBEW with her new boyfriend. My EX was with her friends as well and was humiliated by this OMs ex wife. Even saying what a great resource that I had been in helping her through their “Adultery”. they were so humiliated that my EW had to leave in tears. Rare that the karma bus hits but it did this weekend.

    • Whoo hoo! Love hearing when karma hits! Whore juice informed asswipe last week she has a boyfriend so see ya! Shes playing him but asswipe is so sadz! Awww. All that money, fatness and adoration gone did i mention the money! Yeeeee hah!!!!!!

      • Kar Marie-i love karma stories!!!!! He is a first class loser idiot. Take the money and run as fast as you can from that cluster fuck.

        • I am! Got ducks lined up just wairing for a closing date and color me gone!! Foeva!!!! Form asswipe not from here.

      • Kar Marie…..Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Poor baby has the sadz! I hope he does the pick-me dance til his feet fall off! This made my day!!!

        • Made my day too. He was so sadz!!!!! He said whore juice broke ma heart twice!!!! Boohoo sniff sniff! Told him when she breaks it four tomes like you did mine fuck head i will get you a popsicle to drown your sorrows on. I laughed my ass off right in front of him laughed until i had tears running down my face. He was angry not funny, i said sure it is you and her thought it was funny when you did it to me! The wheels on the karma bus go round and round all through cheater town….. he didnt like my singing that to him with glee. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

          • Kar marie, you are awesome! And lol @ he has the sadz. Like he gave a shit when he screwed you over. And why is he telling you she broke his heart, he can go confide in someone else. He lost that privilege when he discarded you like yesterday’s trash.

            • Thanks kellia! Nowadays i even feel awesome sometimes! Yes he can go bitch and moan to one of his many online whores. Hahahahaha! I no longer care! Yeah me!

          • I hope I get to sing that song one day!
            Until then I am so happy for you!!!!

            • Thanks peaky and all out. I think im finally seeing meh! I want to sing it with all of you!

          • Kar Marie….I hope you don’t mind my stealing your Karma Bus song? I know the Karma Bus will be running skankboy over in the very near future. TOOT TOOT!

            • You go right ahead nomoreskankboy sing it loud and proud! Asswipe hated it he was getting mader by the second. I did a little told ya so dance for him too!

    • Matthew,

      Isn’t Karma grand? I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but Fucktard got hit by the Karma bus hard. I’m still waiting for it to back up and hit him again, but I’m a very patient woman. He’s also so fucking stupid that it’s bound to be a Karma train that runs him over. You know, one of those freight trains that has the many cars and you don’t think it will ever end while you’re waiting at the tracks to cross. That’s what he will be hit by. Then when he’s trying to get up, an Amtrak will be going the other way. Oops, he didn’t see that speeding bullet coming. I will be wearing the engineer hat blowing the whistle. Toot Toot!

      I digress. The karma bus hit prior to our divorce but after the separation agreement was signed. The OW was his subordinate. She left the company to work for another company, a competitor. She’s a low level employee so no one cares. Fucktard then followed suit. He lied about his reason for leaving, and said he was going to be taking up wood working or bird watching or some such crazy shit. They found out he lied and are now suing him. Apparently he signed a confidentiality agreement that he couldn’t work for a competing company for so many years after his employment terminated. Toot Toot!

      • See, these cheaters often times have a good life, because their spouse is out there looking out for them, keeping them out of harms way. It’s because these cheaters have associated themselves with quality people that they have a good existence.

        But they themselves are scum. And their pathetic mindset comes out when they are out on their own and hence, them being a moron shows up in their actions (and mainly because the spouse isn’t there to cover for them). The same with your situation Annie. Your Ex probably got to where he is because of you. Now that he’s left to his own devices, he’s screwing up left right and center! And LOL at the non-compete, and going straight to work for a competitor. and getting fired for it. Ha ha ha!

        • Kellia

          This is so true. Once I passed the torch she encouraged him to act on the poor decision making I kept in check for years.

          The do whatever you want attitude fed his teenage brain into massive debt buying cars, taking vacations, and putting his customers off to whenever he felt like working. I kept him in check.

          It’s disturbing to watch; seeing him lying under the bus. No, not really. Evidently he couldn’t get anywhere with me. After I cut the cord the lifeline ended. Don’t care.

      • Yeah it is pretty funny, my cheating ex moved back to not only the town we lived in but the town the OM and his soon to be EW live. She runs into my friend’s all the time as well as my family every time she has to run away. I can’t picture a life like that.

      • I’m still waiting for it to back up and hit him again. again LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Weiner is gross and I hate his name?, but his most redeeming quality appears to be his lack of intelligence. How in the fuck does this dumb fuck think he can get his cock jollies via texting without being found out??? That’s just the point I suppose if you have a cluster fuck B piss hard on for a partner. He has Huma so brainwashed and abused she stays just like the rest of us chumps do/did. I can’t judge her for that seeing as I’d be a big fat hypocrite if I did.

  • Asswipe mentioned the other day he was shocked and appalled a friend of his cheated on his wife while shes pregnant. I laughing like robert deniro in that movie cape fear said dont points fingers dirtbag you did the exact same thing to you first wife in both her pregnancies so what does that make you? What a stupid motherfucker!

    • Oh, let me see, I think that could fall under the “holier than thou” cluster fuck B manual of stupid fucks?

  • Tracy, now that you live in DC find something like wolf bane or garlic to tie around your doors and windows to keep the crazy out.
    I feel so badly for Huma. She has probably heard every promise. You know she keeps hoping. In the middle of this crazy election how can she concentrate on anything? He needs to give away any device connected to the net. Yeah, that’ll really happen.

  • I get so very tired of reading about people in the public light that are cheated on (just like us regular folks), living with Narcs (just like us regular folks), and spackling (just like us regular folks).

    I’d love to see MORE of these people… “and he/she kicked their ass out the door and changed the locks.”

    (Never did see that Maria Shriver actually divorced Arnold… and Jennifer seems to have slowed down on kicking Ben’s ass to the curb, and Beyonce – puhlease.)

    My therapist once asked me: “If you were to emulate a strong woman in the world, who would you emulate… and why?”

    Avoiding the usual: Madlyn Albright, Mother Theresa; etc, but instead I came up with Sandra Bullock (Jesse who?)

    Like many of us here, she put her head down (not in the sand, mind you)… got back to work (gotta pay those bills) and went NO CONTACT. Pick me dance? Hell 2 the no. She rocked it with grace and humility and she built a new life.

    HUMA – this is your moment to be a role model to so many, including your own child. Granted, it isn’t what you signed on for when you got married (any more than any of use did)… but you have a public platform that we don’t… USE YOUR VOICE TO BE OUR VOICE. Don’t sell your soul for an oval office.

  • Anthony Weiner. What a joke he is. I remember when the story first broke about the whole “Carlos Danger” thing, my then-husband and I laughed at him like most people did, especially rolling our eyes at the “Carlos Danger” name. Years, later, when it came to my attention that my then-husband was a very active John posting his whore reviews on whore websites, his screen name was “Joe Danger”. Seriously? smh. I thought we were on the same page about how beyond pathetic that Anthony Weiner was. DID YOU TRY TO EMULATE THAT PIECE OF SHIT RIGHT DOWN TO HIS PATHETIC SCREEN NAME? I will never understand this world. Never.

    • Yes, that brings back memories of Hannibal finding Weiner ridiculous in his Carlos Danger phase, only to later find out Hannibal was doing the same thing–sending dick pix to his AM and adult website hookups. And he wonders why I loathe him.

    • Isn’t it strange when people are secretly doing the exact same thing they ridicule someone else for? Actually, it’s pathetic.

      • Yup, Before D-Day, we knew a couple named (let’s call them) Ross and Rachel. One day, the news broke that Ross had discovered that Rachel was a serial cheater. He found evidence of a LOT of cheating. As part of his attempts at R, he had Rachel prescribed some kind of meds (I don’t know what) that were supposedly supposed to help her stop her addiction, or whatever you wanna call it. This was public knowledge, with Ross actually telling us (and our group of friends) to watch Rachel when we went out with her, because drinking would lessen the effects of these meds. At that time, we all thought it was pretty rediculous that she needed to be on meds to not fuck other people, and my husband and I joked that Rachel couldn’t drink while on her “don’t fuck other people” meds. (And yes, I never would poke fun at infidelity now, but I didn’t know better then). My husband was also keen on calling Rachel a slut, a whore, etc and how they don’t make drugs to stop people from being sluts.

        Anyway, after my own D-Day, when my ex-husband had finally confessed to SOME of his infidelity at a MC session, I needed a break and walked outside to get some air (and a cry) when I came back to the office, our counselor was sitting with my H, explaining about some over the counter type of herbal supplement he should look into taking to help with his problem. I came in, saw that, and said to my husband “Oh, are you being prescribed some of Rachel’s “don’t fuck other people” meds?

        It wasn’t such a funny joke anymore. Yes, pathetic.

        • Well, to a chumpy anonymous internet reader, that is a pretty good (and funny) story!

  • A every chump has a threshold on getting the fuck out. Huma has not met hers. Yet.

  • She needs to see a good counselor who knows all about NPD who will shake some sense into her. They have “something” on you and its the first stage of the relationship: love bombing where she is probably trying to get back to that feeling. Huma probably has the misguided idea that if she stays it will ‘be better for the kids’ and she can help the jerk. We know that is not going to happen but she has to come to that realization on her own. I really hope the letter from Chump Lady gets to her. She needs to know someone gets it, understands this mess from the inside and would support her with a parade down Broadway if she dumped him.

  • Katie Slate, good for you is right! I wish you the best in what must be SO hard right now.

    I’m not there yet, have to buy time, and my waffling 20% of the time unnerves me, so I’m just imagining the challenges your posts indicate you must cope with plus what I already know about the grueling process of getting away from crazy (“CAPABLE of that level of deceit”) and abuse.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  • Thanks, Chump Lady, for posting this. It takes guts to wade into this toxic political climate, but for those of us in the US living through 2016, it’s ever present.

    I disagree with some of the posters that we can’t judge or make the calculations that Huma (or Hillary) have to make. I think everyone has touched upon them. Stay, go, date while married to a cheater, use someone for money or power – they’re all within our grasp. That they’re amplified makes them a higher-stake decision, but c’mon, we are all intelligent sentient chumps. Let’s speculate wildly.

    I’ve said before on here that I was a Hillary delegate in Texas in 2008. So, of course I’m with her. Nevertheless, I disagree with her policy on any number of issues – the first of which is guns. (Okay – that’s it for policy.)

    Of course everyone speculates that Huma and Hillary are fucking each other. I mean, my god, Huma is a CIA asset who speaks Arabic, grew up in Saudi Arabia, went to GW and is the perfect mole. I’d fuck her all damn day. Hillary is just a conniving lesbian bitch who played Bill like a marionette and is glad he can’t stop thinking about his dick. It gives Hill more time to lay in huge piles of cash for the Clinton Foundation. She can also sell arms to terrorists, found ISIS, memorize the Koran, and do nasty menage-a-hundred orgies while ignoring 3 am phone calls if Bill is out fucking everything with tits and a slit.

    It’s simple, Huma needs to stop spending the night in the same place as Weiner. The man is a menace. She just needs to tell Weiner if he runs his mouth she’ll have his tongue cut out, his dick lobbed off (he actually might not still have a dick – do we know?), or she’ll have Weiner killed. With all of the assets and power Huma has, it’d be trivial to send Weiner to an early grave.

    Having spent a number of years in DC and in the GW circles, I can definitively say that a woman of Huma’s age (born in 1976) does not need a husband to make it. I too hope that Hill and Huma dump those mother fucking assholes and come out loud and proud while in the White House. I hope they shack-up in the Presidential bedroom and get a herd of golden retrievers.

      • Kinda gross there Ian. Powerful woman need to be lesbians in this scenario? Why can’t they just be married to loser cheaters, even Presidential ones?

        At any rate, yes, I hope Huma leaves this gross human.

        • I agree with you thensome, do powerful women need to be lesbians? why does Huma need to be “fucking” Hillary? Powerful men associate with each other all the time and no one considers them to be homosexual. Other countries have female Presidents and no one considers these women to be lesbians.

          • Right. I’m am no fan of Hillary but I think calling her a lesbian is way over the top and just not necessary.

            • Yes, and it’s not just Hillary, but Huma was also considered a lesbian in this post, because she is in power and is associating with Hillary. Why do women in power have to be “fucking” each other. Did Obama and Joe Biden fuck each other because they worked together and were in power?

              • In Ian’s defense, he did preface his diatribe with “speculate wildly”

                In the pre-micro-aggression days, I think this diatribe would be considered humorous even if a tad offensive. Not sure what, under the SJW tribunal, is permissible satire, but probably not this.

        • I think Ian is being sardonic, and simply mentioning the rumors about H & H. (Of course, Ian, that would make them cheaters since they’re both married. I don’t care if they’re lesbian or not, but cheaters would lose all my moral support.)

          • Sardonic, that’s it. Leave it to Tempest to come up with the right word. I thought I was being sarcastic, but then again I think somebody broke my sarcastic-meter last week.

            And duh, I hadn’t considered that they would be cheaters. Not cool.

      • Ian

        “I can definitively say that a woman of Huma’s age (born in 1976) does not need a husband to make it.”

        Exactly! Especially a cheating pervert. Realistically, where would it leave her tomorrow if she were to file for a divorce? Hillary is her mentor not her lover.

        Thriving in chaos allowed me to get my MS while living with a serial cheating asshole. His attempts to derail me by moving, giving up his business, and leaving me homeless without money didn’t stop me. He had all the power but not to the extent he could stop me.

        What I see are two very strong women. For them I have empathy and admiration for having the integrity to get their power back and then some.

        • Huma is a Muslim, and even if she was born and raised in the US, there is often an attitude to marriage there which is different from people who come from a predominantly Judeo-Christian background and a secular society that grants men and women equal property rights.

          For one thing, monogamy is not deeply ingrained in the Islamic world-view.
          Plus women lose so much when they divorce under sharia law (eg. usually everything, including the children).
          Plus shame.
          Plus ‘honour’.
          Plus men get a free pass in everything anyway.
          Plus the women he is involved with are not Muslims.
          Plus she ‘married out’, and perhaps attracted opprobrium for doing so from more conservative-minded people in her own extended family.

          She has GOT to make this work, for a thousand reasons.

          • Plus , she would have to admit she is wrong. Sometimes I think that’s the hardest part saying to yourself how could I be so wrong.

    • Yep, I get it. Why speculate why either Chump is staying? It’s enough that they’re Chumps and their reason are their own, just as ours are individual and personal.

      But I can’t help “speculate” that Huma really beat Weiner over the head with the shovel and he’s in the basement covered with lye. Questions were being asked by cellular phone carriers as to the sudden drop in D.C. sexting. Shit, there’s so much of it, who thought they’d notice? Therefore, in order to throw the G-men off the trail, Huma used her CIA contacts and replaced Weiner with look-a-like who quickly sexted again, after promising he wouldn’t (we all know cheaters are smart and would never get caught so quickly) and then she sent the look-alike to be embarrassed for the press. No more questions about the funny odor in the basement.

      Or…….we can just say that Weiner is a worthless fuckhead and Huma, if you find yourself in the position to need support without recrimination come to Chump Lady (but create a fake user name first because if people know your true identity, you’re toast).

      • And Ian, you forgot, Gore was with her when she found ISIS. (you’re too frickin funny)

  • It looks like a spackle studio in here!
    Everyone is throwing out a ton of reasons why she won’t leave (power, politics, in the closet, generational stuff) but very few mentioning that these people may be a lot of things but they’re still people.
    Some of us exited the marriage the moment cheating was revealed, but a lot of us didn’t. I know chumps here who experienced multiple D-days and devaluation before finally finding the strength. Being rich, well-known or powerful doesn’t take away the fact that we are human. So far no one has mentioned fear. Of What, for her I don’t know but this leaving thing, even if you have a job and a family to help and a support system and the law on your side, it’s hard. Damn, it’s so hard! I don’t care who you are it’s scary. We’ve sat there and talked to ourselves, what will become of me, who would want me now, at this age, with a kid, what lies will my ex tell the world, will people believe him, what has he said already, do I just pack it all in and end it all? I have no idea what Huma might fear when she looks in the mirror, but I know she has fears, just like the rest of us.

    • If I remember correctly, Huma had a newborn when the scandal broke. I’m sure it all seemed pretty overwhelming to her.

    • I agree. I know I stayed with my STBXH way too long. I wish someone would had thrown something, anything at me 21 years ago after the first Dday to wake me up. I stayed through four Dday’s. I had all sort of justifiable reasons and it did not matter what others said because I felt if I just changed, he would change and do the right thing by me. I look back now and see how foolish I must had looked to others but I could not see it myself. I had blinders on when it came to overlooking his shortcomings. So I do not judge any chump for not seeing the light. The truth and light is revealed to us all at different time and stages (mostly when we are so drained with the situation we have nothing left).

  • These politicians! Don’t feel sorry for these chumps…. its nothing more than a game. All calculated to whats best for them. Hill and Huma just in it for the money and the power.

  • It’s pretty obvious that Bill and Hillary bond more over political ambition than anything else. It would probably very expensive for them to divorce, who knows? For whatever reason they’ve decided to stay together. I’ve often wondered if the “Game of Cards” on Netflix was inspired by the Clinton’s.

    Hillary has been known to admire Eleanor Roosevelt, and we know that FDR had a long-term affair with Lucy Mercer Rutherford. Eleanor bore him children, but seemed to be one of his political advisors more than anything else. Eleanor went on to accomplish her own political ambitions, and she seems to have made a life for herself, even though she remained married to FDR.

    Anyway, I don’t presume to know what’s going on in Huma’s head, or why she stays. All I know is Anthony Weiner was recently on the Colbert show and he gives me the creeps. He immediately made a joke about the scandal in an attempt, as he said, “to get it out of the way.” I’m sure he’s endured a lifetime of people making fun of his last name; to get caught in a scandal involving his actual wiener is pretty cliche.

    The music the band played as Anthony Weiner walked onstage was sultry and somewhat smarmy. He just seemed sad and pathetic to me.

    • “I’ve often wondered if the “Game of Cards” on Netflix was inspired by the Clinton’s.”

      It’s based on a UK series that was excellent; made in the early 1990s – very gripping. It’s been altered to make it more relevant to the US, so I daresay there is an element of the Clintons in it.

      “Primary Colours” – the book and film – was based entirely on the Clintons, and was written by a man who’d worked with both of them for many years.

  • I don’t believe that just because someone chooses a particular career path that they suddenly lose their baseline humanity and their ability to feel love, pain, attachment, whatever like those of us who may have chosen a different path. We are aware of the research that says that certain fields of endeavor contain more people with psychopathic and narcissistic traits, the political arena being one at the top of the list. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who pursues that career path is disordered or incapable of normal human feelings and an inability to bond. I can stand back and look at my EX now and see what I should have seen from the beginning. Why couldn’t I see it then? I wasn’t looking for it. He swooped in like the answer to all my hopes and dreams – and ended up being my nightmare. Anthony Weiner, before his fall from grace, charmed his constituents, his friends and neighbors. I don’t doubt he used that same charm to woo Huma. Just because Huma is bright and accomplished doesn’t mean she’s any less vulnerable to charm and sparkle than any of the rest of us. Just like some of us had a difficult time leaving these freaks, for whatever the reason, Huma is having a difficult time leaving her freak. Working for someone who has made that dynamic work under whatever circumstances is not helpful to getting Huma to leave Weiner Boy. If you look at the data according to neuroscience, we are driven to self-justify. Consequently, the more we give up to make it or invest in a mistake, the less likely we are to see it as a mistake and to justify and rationalize our reasons for continuing with it. I’m not dismissing political calculation or any of the myriad of reasons that COULD be behind Hillary’s or Huma’s decision to remain in these relationships; I’m just willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I am considered to be a reasonably intelligent and discerning human being and I was blinded to the EX being a lying, scheming, cheating, duplicitous flaming turd from Satan’s ass. Everyone outside of me and his children thinks he just the most wonderful thing EVAH! Barf! Why would I judge these women any more harshly than I would judge myself or anyone here? I know too many women who were able to manage on their own and who have made that sad deal with devil and remained married to their cheaters.. I’m lucky mine freed me.

    Poor Huma. Maybe she will find us and seek help. Or maybe Weiner Boy will do her a favor and abandon her and free her from his evil empire of sexting freakishness.

  • It’s been rumored that Hillary has been a lesbian for years. Makes you wonder who is the chump in the marriage.

    • It’s sounding like she deserved it? On his end it wasn’t speculation making HER the chump.

  • Since we seem to be talking about Hillary almost as much as Huma here, it seems like it probably helps when people are well-to-do enough to have almost entirely separate lives. When Hillary was a Senator in NY, wasn’t Bill still living in a different state? Did they ever end up back in the same house?

    Less pain when not faced with the cheater every day.

    Just sayin’.

    • She gained a life. She just didn’t divorce her husband to do it. It’s not a choice I would make, but it depends on what she wanted. They were deeply in debt leaving the White House, due to the various investigations and legal costs they went through. So it may have been a decision about the family as a whole because they surely would have had even more horrific publicity had they divorced. And to be frank about it, Bill’s health issues have probably slowed his roll a little with other women. So who knows? What she didn’t do was sit and wait for him to “come out of the fog.” She got on with her own life, made her own choices, built an amazing career in what is largely a man’s world, and stands up to horrific abuse from political opponents. She’s mighty, in my view, although it makes me sad to think how much less brittle and “bulletproof” she would be if she had been married to a less narcissistic man. I think there is always a cost when we stay with someone who abuses us.

  • I don’t know what to say about Huma. People who are career politicians or are involved with them seem to live in completely different worlds from reality.

    All I know is I’d love to see someone hit the reset button on the whole presidential election process and start the primary season over again. We couldn’t possibly do worse.

  • Let’s all send Huma a copy of the book. Maybe if she gets enough she’ll take the hint.

  • I think we need to consider the fact that for some people, cheating might not be the worst thing their spouse can do. I’m sure they don’t like it, but that’s not the same thing as being devastated by it. I have a relative with one of those charming, dynamic Bill Clinton type of cheater husbands and once (and only once) when I was bold enough to bring it up in conversation – “How can you put up with it????” – she just rolled her eyes, and sighed. “Honey, that’s just how he is, you know boys will be boys. But he always comes home to me.” This is the mindset kool-aid she’s been drinking, and she really believes it. I’m sure it bothered her, but here’s the thing – not that much! Twenty-five years later they are still together, and actually seem pretty happy. Interestingly enough, the only time it seemed like their marriage was in trouble was when he got addicted to drugs for a brief time. Now THAT in her mind was a deal-breaker, not the cheating. And I think that might be true for a lot of people. It’s hard for us to understand, but we must be honest enough to admit that there probably are people (maybe Hillary is one of them) who don’t put cheating at the far-end of the mortifying behavior continuum – for them drugs might be the much worse deal breaker, or going to prison, or bankrupting the family, or not being able to hold onto a job.

  • Just my belief, not applying it to Huma. Clintons were of the hippie free love generation but also realized you have to work within the system. So it would make sense their marriage is open, and also that it would be political suicide to say so. I think Bill wasn’t very good at this aspect, I hope Hillary has a discreet hottie of her own. Assuming I’m correct. I have no issues with any marriage arrangement that is honest and works for the people involved, trust and caring for one another is paramount no matter how you structure your love life. Im not exactly saying “no one knows what goes on in a marriage” the way most use that. I’m saying these are two ambitious people who may have come to an agreement long ago because they can be monogamish or open. No politician at this time could possibly say that and get elected. Hell, an atheist can’t get elected in this country. No Matt how people minimize cheating in the US they vilify it in politicians, unless you are Trump I guess.

  • Huma, you already have one child to raise. You don’t need a second one, in the person of your husband. You are lovely, intelligent, and accomplished. You can do better. And if he’s really “sorry” this time, he’ll understand if you separate and file for divorce. It’s hard to know what consequence would get Anthony’s attention, since destroying his career and being mocked on the national stage for the “Carlos Danger” business didn’t do the trick. Maybe facing life without his family would. Otherwise, you can figure there will be one or two of these every year, ad infinitum.

  • I guess we ought not to forget their very different religions in this scenario.
    Huma is a Muslim from a very strict religious nation, Pakistani and also India (less restrictive on the Koran).
    He being Jewish, I think they were doomed from the start.

    I know nothing about Muslim religion so I cannot comment on her reasons for staying.
    Except, I DO know she is a chump on an international stage and I still believe she is still a woman trying to protect their son from all of this nonsense, while she tried to get to her job on time every morning. (can’t be easy working with Clinton)

    I have far too much faith in humanity to believe Huma is doing this for political gain, money or power and not for her precious child. But, I also believe, she is waiting until after the election to kick his ass to the curb. Yes, she needs us all to send her THE book.

  • Momphista (also a Chump) worked directly with Hilary, whose threshold for getting the fuck out is set considerably higher, given her choice to practice politics as a career in the world stage. Had she divorced him at Monicagate, she’d have had to chuck out all of HER ambition and hard work.

    Knowing what it took for Mom and me to gtfo, let’s remember there are no win-wins in the immediate aftermath of dday. Her remaining married to Bill is no reflection on HER integrity, and I imagine being tasked with, like, national security (or even her first lady campaigns) trumps being the marriage police. To say nothing of Trump…..if she wins, she can make good use of Bill. Think about it, a swinging dick narc having to stand behind her as first husband? THAT’s a long, well played karma game, if you ask me. BTW, Momphisa was G.O.P. through and through, but Hils is the ONLY politician she respects.

    As to Weiner, well, the clue is in the name, innit?. And @GiveTimeTime, BWHAWHawHaw. No originality in these silly bastards, is there?


  • I didn’t read all the above posts due to the politics included. Cheated on is cheated on. Period.

    Now, I did live in the alfuence of Washington DC for many years. There is a lot of money and moneymakers in DC.

    Cheating is about entitlement and I believe the wealthy and powerful get used to entitlements quite quickly.

    About 90% of the couples i knew in DC were cheaters. Most stayed due to it being so common, it was offen swept under the rug as most partners had each done it at some point in the marriage.

    My observation was, although it wasn’t fun as the recipient, all parties I knew, accepted it and went on to stay married.

    I highly doubt that Huma was Suprised but I could be wrong. It’s hard to speculate what she knows and what their arrangement is like. There’s a lot of cheating in Washington DC. Entitlement to the highest power. Literally.

    Sadly, I do think it has an effect on the children and like any bad behavior, the kids will see at as acceptable and perpetuate the same behavior.

    I married a nice, calm, mild mannered, farm-boy, accountant. I thought I had totally hit the jackpot. I never thought my husband would be the type to cheat on me…..but he did. I do not see “entitlement” in my ex-husband as a cheater though. I still can’t figure out why my mild-mannered husband cheated on me. I do know my ex-husband never follows through with projects, hates confrontation, replaces material things as opposed to fixing them……and is a basic coward.

    Whatever the reason, I thankfully never felt responsible for my husband’s cheating. I do think the combination of living in such an entitlement driven world along with living in a disposable world, cheating is probably at an all time high. I know there are good men out there but after all the cheating I have been exposed to, I am staying single. Odds are not great you won’t get cheated on IMO.

    Yes, as an example to her children and to find the happiness I’m certain Huma doesn’t have, she should divorce her CREEPY husband. I do think mailing her a copy of Tracy’s book is an excellent idea.

  • Quick question – would anybody vote for Hilary if she had divorced Bill? Really.

    • The supporters would probably still be the same, but the detractors would have some exotic argument about how her divorce reflects on why she’s not suitable to be President. Staying or leaving, the only thing that would change is the way detractors criticize.

    • I would have… but that’s because I vote based on skill, not personal situation. I couldn’t give two shits about HRC and BC’s marriage, it matters not to me and my family. Donald Trump is a narcissist of the worst order and possibly, crazy. I would have voted HRC either way, that and I lean left.

      But your point is a good one. Either way, she would have faced criticism.. being a woman in a man’s world is just tough, let’s face it. But honestly, her marriage is her business. I vote on skills and she’s got the skills.

  • I admire Huma for giving him another chance, although not sure I would.. but agree. He keeps doing it. A repeat offender isn’t going to change. You don’t need this asshole Huma!!!!

    • Wish i would have learned at only two but no chumpy ass me let it go to four.

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