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Mighty MacKenzie

MacKenzie Scott
Photo by Twitter @mackenziescott

Talk about Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life. Congrats to MacKenzie Scott this week on her marriage to science teacher Dan Jewett. A solid guy, by all accounts, who thrills to teaching high school chemistry and supporting good causes.

As compared to MacKenzie’s ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, founder of Amazon. Who cheated on MacKenzie with a friend of the family, the human sequin, Lauren Sanchez. An affair that was outed when Bezos’s phone was hacked.

How did this chumped mother of four react? She gave Bezos the “we’ll co-parent the kids as friends” fig leaf of dignity and got an estimated $53 billion divorce settlement.

Which MacKenzie then, less than 2 months after the ink was dry, and the humiliation probably was not, signed The Pledge to give at least half her fortune away in her lifetime. A pledge her ex-husband most conspicuously would not sign.

She’s been true to her word. In 2020, she gave away $6 billion to small nonprofits, the sorts of charities that are often passed over. According to the New York Times:

In the course of a few months, Ms. Scott has turned traditional philanthropy on its head. Whereas multibillion foundations like Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have fancy headquarters, Ms. Scott’s operation has no known address — or even website. She refers to a “team of advisers” rather than a large dedicated staff.

By disbursing her money quickly and without much hoopla, Ms. Scott has pushed the focus away from the giver and onto the nonprofits she is trying to help. They are the types of organizations — historically Black colleges and universities, community colleges and groups that hand out food and pay off medical debts — that often fly beneath the radar of major foundations.

And now MacKenzie has a life partner who shares her values.

“… in a stroke of happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know—and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others,” Jewett wrote in his pledge.

How’s Jeff Bezos, you’re wondering? Well, fabulously wealthy, of course. He’s been building an Amazon HQ in Arlington, VA that’s been described as a “poop emoji covered in trees.”

And he’s still with Lauren whose brother sued him for defamation (and lost). And he’s disavowed whether or not Lauren is his fiancee. Which always always makes a girl feel secure.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos in India on Jan. 16. | DIVYAKANT SOLANKI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Photo credit: DIVYAKANT SOLANKI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

But that’s okay. She still has sequins. (Do drag queens have yard sales? What is that dress?)

Clearly Jeff needed to be shaken from his polar fleece Seattle dad wardrobe and into a psychedelic dinner jacket. The sort thing a Liberace impersonator would wear in a zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, it’s edgy.

No one could ever accuse the man of being a cliche, what with his bad-character-meets-bedazzler girlfriend, and their yacht getaways to the Caribbean.

You do you, Jeff. MacKenzie has a hunky new husband and billions of dollars to give away.

Oh, and self-respect.

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  • The ultimate Hallmark movie plot line. The girlfriend even has that botox face.

    • That’s not a look that’s going to get better with time is it? I mean she can’t be that old and her face already looks as though it’s been through the ringer. Never mind, he’ll just replace her I shouldn’t wonder and she’ll be super rich too!

      Ugh, celebrity. Yuk.

      • Scott and Sanchez are basically the same age. Scott is gorgeous and Sanchez looks like she’s approaching that cat-faced lady in plastic surgery.

      • Ah, the ridden hard and put away wet look that is so attractive to fuckwits.
        It’s what you might call a lack of virtue signal.

  • Let’s not forget that she helped start Amazon, and was responsible for figuring out a lot of the logistics. Her share of the divorce as 4% of Amazon shares. Not that she needs more cash, obviously, but really, 4% is I’m sure much less than she actually earned and deserved.

  • Talk about LACGAL… and if you scale her story, she’s a Chump just like us. Married her college sweetheart, built a business and a family, supported her spouse’s dream, and he turns around and bangs the family friend ‘cuz ENTITLEMENT.

    Yes, she walked away with billions, but emotionally… she was left like we all were… having to be the sane parent; having to rebuild a life plan in her 40’s; co-parenting with a flaming turd; healing from the loss of the life she thought she had built with her husband; public humiliation and not being able to control the narrative. Yet – I bet her walls sing now.

    No matter where you are in your journey, you can do this too. You can.

  • He’s no looker himself, but my goodness is Sanchez scary looking!! They deserve each other!

    Congratulations to MacKenzie and her new husband!

  • You are fabulously snarky today CL! Human sequin- brilliant. I’m boycotting Amazon this week. This makes it easier.

  • Ms Scott is a class act and a chump icon.

    She kept the moral high ground and kept her composure throughout. And beyond that, she is both genuine and someone whose actions bear scrutiny; she is making the world a better place.

    She deserves her “Happily-Ever-After” and a Bezos-free one at that.


  • Yay Mackenzie! She can take her place with Dolly Parton who helped finance a COVID vaccine. I wish her all the happiness with her new husband.

    • I got the one she funded, the Moderna vaccine, and I refer to it as the Dolly Parton vaccine. What a great humanitarian she is. She’d already earned our gratitude with her book giveaway program.

  • Cold bucket of water alert. Am I the only Chump noting the lack of meaningful time to do the picker fixing here? Divorced and in such a high profile way in 2019, I hope she didn’t rush to remarry too soon, and that he wasn’t a teacher at her kids’ school. CL has posted eloquently here before about the Dating (a mom) At The Kids’ School red flag, and that’s gotta go double ????????for dating one of the kids’ teachers.

    She’s a real target for con men, and “schoolteacher” doesn’t always equal “kind.” Ugh, I kind of feel bad about having typed this because I’m also digging the Gain A Life epicness here, but in the interest of anti-spackle I feel like some reality testing and taking a hard look at boundaries and timing is also very beneficial.

    Also: You Go MacKenzie!

    • Funny I had the same thought Edie. I just assumed that CL knew something because she is pretty aware of that fix your picker thing.

    • Also thought the same thing. The new husband was one of her kid’s teachers.

    • No need to worry about Mackenzie – I’m sure she has a top rate family attorney who has drafted a strong prenup for Mr. teacher-man to sign.

      • And with all that money they checked him surely, like a backgroung check and stuff

    • How long were they separated before the intent to divorce was made public though? I do think people can rush into new relationships because there is an urge to get to that comfortable stage they had in their last long term relationship, but I wouldn’t assume that’s necessarily what happened here just because we became aware of it in 2019 and she remarried in 2021.

    • My understanding is that his affair occurred somewhere around 2016, and that it took 3 years to get to their 2019 divorce…so I think they were “over” well before she remarried.

    • I thought the exact same thing. Remarried less than two years after announcing their divorce. And yes, he is a teacher at her kids school. She seems like a wonderful person….but this has rebound written all over it

      • Wow. That’s a really insensitive comment.

        People who come here have all cut toxic people out of their lives, and are in the process of moving on.

        That doesn’t mean that there won’t be pain and heartache for years to come; some of the harm done to Chumps can’t be ‘moved on’ from that easily.

        I always think of long-time contributor Tessie, whose ex murdered their son. Should Tessie have moved on from that by now?

        I don’t have an opinion either way on Mackenzie’s remarriage. One of the things I love about Chump Nation is that remarriage is not seen as a sign of ‘having made it’.

        Instead, gaining a life and arriving at Meh are the signs of ‘having made it’, whether you partner up again or not.

        We’ve all seen Chumps here who ‘moved on’ prematurely, thinking that they’d gotten over their ex, only to find that they’ve accidentally been dating them all over again in a new human form.

    • I agree to be honest. I was thinking how easily she could be taken advantage of…

  • MacKenzie = 1

    Bozo/Sanchez (who will likely end up Sans Check) = 0

    Just last night I said to someone that I would not want to be with X for all of Jeff Bozo’s money. I’d rather have my lunch money and integrity than be the richest person on the planet with no manners or character. Or be his side piece.

    Anyone can be like MacKenzie….it’s about PERCENTAGES. You can always donate a percentage of what you have to help others, no matter how much is in your bank account. (Patreon for Chump Lady, for example!!) Dimes from a million people add up to 100,000.00!

    I get Botox and I have a Barbie collection (someone here recently criticized an X for being in their 50’s with a doll collection). Ouch. ????

    • Hey, I have a whole cupboard full of stuffed animals! I don’t do Botox but I do other stuff to help mitigate skin aging. That’s self-care!

      • We have a large stuffed animal collection…they function as cushions on the top bunk of the bunk bed instead of having a mattress…..????

        I once went back to a spot next to the freeway in very early morning hours when traffic was nonexistent to rescue a pair of stuffed animals that had evidently been thrown out a car window…I had spied them driving by the day before and it broke my heart…..


      • I wouldn’t criticize “ the other woman” – as far as her looks…. she is an adult person and can do whatever she want with her face/ body
        At the same time- picking her over a smart, sweet, naturally beautiful wife? That’s bat shit crazy…
        Well, now, instead of a “ daddy” look, J.B looks like a poster boy for a middle age crisis

    • Botox works for me, as I had a couple of deep lines between my eyebrows. People were asking me regularly if I was mad! I’ve been getting it for years, to soften out those lines, and I ask for the minimum injection that will do the job. It’s just something I do for myself, to feel good.

      • I know lots of women who do Botox and I have close friends/relatives who have undergone plastic surgery that has helped them feel more like themselves, if that makes sense. Similar to what you said, of people assuming you were angry because of the lines between eyebrows. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m shaming anyone who does those things, wholesale. Whatever Sanchez has done to her face, however, has given her a very sinister look and it’s difficult not ascribing part of that to what we know about her personality.

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of making fun of other peoples’ bodies/appearance for this basic reason, Velvet. I guess fashion sense is fairer game, but even there, I’m like: meh, to each their own. I would hate to be judged by my fashion sense, and I’m sure STBX’s dysfunctional family members have done that many times over the years. I will continue taking the high road, certainly when it comes to appearance issues.

      Actions are what matter most!

  • I’m thinking I’ll avoid millionaires ( been with 2 who both turned out to be flaming turds… ) not to say all millionaires are like that but they are very arrogant and think they can do whatever they want because of their money but… CHARACTER! I’d rather have an ordinary guy with a good character—still looking.

    • Disclaimer – I have 5 brothers and they are pretty good/great guys.

      But Of the 5 men I’ve had dates with in the past 4 months, 3 mentioned their incomes in the first 10 minutes.

      One of them mentioned his status as a “multimillionaire by the time he was 52” BEFORE we stepped into the restaurant. I’m certain he wanted me to see his Jaguar since he parked in a brazen parking space NOT belonging to the restaurant we were heading towards.

      He was the least appealing man I’ve met in years. He had nary a kind word for anyone or the food or place, and he was steeped in bitterness from his divorce of 17 years ago. He offered to show me a photo of his ex wife! (WTF??) I declined.

      And the irony is that he feared being used for his money – but it’s also the only thing that’s “good” about him! I refer to him as “The Grump”.

      One guy had an arguably decent reason for mentioning his financial solvency & responsibility. He heard that women want to avoid men who “want nurses or purses”. And I think he honestly wanted to be reassuring.

      But in general, I find men who brag about money both repulsive and insulting. Do they assume I’m a whore looking for a sugar daddy?

      Buh bye. No thanks.

      My advice is to try being kind and interested…it will work wonders.

      • Showing off your $$ is gauche.

        Tangentially related:
        My ex bragged that his divorce lawyer was impressed with his net worth. What an idiot to be flattered by that. Also, what a stupid lawyer to convey that to the client. Had I been he, I would have worried that she would charge me more. And I think she did. Oh, and she was a really bad lawyer. Bwahaha.

        Anyway, when he told me that the lawyer was impressed by his $$$, I calmly remarked that his AP was no doubt impressed as well. My ex got very angry. “How dare you say that about her?” lol

        This is the same man who said of the OW, “I know the games she’s playing.” Which is it, buddy?

        Deep down, he knows. And it must feel shitty.

  • I saw this story yesterday and rejoiced! Always happy to see a chump Gaining A Life. I also was yesterday years old when I leaned that Colin Firth is a chump and left his cheater. It can happen to anyone, even to Mr Darcy himself, but we are mighty.

    As for Bezos: it happens that I have been “friends” for a quarter century with somebody high up in Amazon, who reports directly to JB himself. (Think: somebody who flew in helicopters with mayors of major cities when Amazon was scouting for HQ2, etc.) This person was a high school friend of my STBX first, but since I partnered up with STBX when she was 19, I have known her friends almost as long as she has at this point, and have interacted with them almost as often. Even before D-Day #2, I was starting to feel like this Amazonite did not share my values. My feeling was confirmed when I learned after D-Day #2 that the Amazonite was one of the dozen people STBX told about her affair before she told me, and the Amazonite actively cheered her on in the affair while acting solicitous to my face. Needless to say, I have not spoken with the Amazonite since D-Day #2 and have no plans to do so in the future.

    Based on what I’ve heard from the Amazonite over recent years, and the affair-cheerleading, not to mention all the news reports about working conditions in Amazon warehouses etc., I have no doubt that the elite corporate culture at Amazon is toxic. I’m glad M.S. got out of that mess and has devoted herself to the real business of Gaining A Life! That “we’re still friends” narrative must be a tough pill to swallow, but I’d take it for several billion dollars and distance from the tabloids.

    • I do admire MacKenzie. Pity that more billionaires are not philanthropic.
      I also believe the Amazon culture is toxic and that the executive leadership has little concern for low-wage workers.
      All the photos of Bozo and the Sequin are repugnant to me. He is a scummy, selfish, cheating little dweeb, in my opinion. I do not patronize Amazon or Whole Foods.

    • Yes, that they treat their employees like ants filters down from the top. Not humans but commodities to be exploited.

  • Love this shout out to a chump that inspires us all! May she live a long and peaceful life.

    Take away the billions and headlines and many of us here have happy, peaceful and purposeful lives after leaving cheaters— I do! I’m also a mom of 4, married 25 years, Dday in 2014 and divorced 4 years ago.

    For Christmas my long-term sweetheart gave me a beautiful engagement ring. We are building a company, supporting our kids who are young adults, and making plans for the future.

    Cheater XH and AP still live together but they are miserable— fight 24/7, wrecked health, cheat on each other, little to no contact with our kids who cannot stand AP and are disgusted by dad’s erratic and cruel behavior.

    Thank God it’s not my monkey not my circus— I’m free!!!! Tracy, you saved my life with this blog and your book and the great Chump Nation you brought together.

  • The paragraphs framing that picture of Jeff and Ms. Plastic Surgery made me laugh so loud I scared the dogs.
    As someone who lives in the SF area, I can attest that drag queens do indeed have yard sales and yes, that dress and jacket both look like something that was in the FREE box.

  • I love it when the good guys prevail!! Yay! I’m sure it annoys JB that she just gives all his rocket ship money away. And that Sanchez twat – gads she is ugly. Honey, plastic surgery is not your friend.

    • I bet he was so pissed she gave it away too! Made doing it even sweeter!

  • The OW in my case, liked him in one of her social media platforms, to show smart she was in liking his business model or something…

  • Yey MacKenzie! Self-respect! I have been cheering for you and waiting for CL’s take on this story. She did not disappoint.

    Amazon’s HQs?! Human sequin? I’m laughing so hard I can’t write anymore.

  • Bezos will never again know if the woman on his arm is there for him or for his money. That would suck.

    And he gets to witness his kids develop a good relationship with their stepfather, I hope that burns.

    • This; from now on, Bozo’s future partners will be a revolving coterie of grifters.

      Dirty Sanchez, if she hasn’t already, will come to realize that cake eaters rarely give up those cheat meals.

  • So…did you catch the other details as reported by our Seattle news. The kids live with Mackenzie and her new husband. Also, think about it. She obviously fell in love with her new husband’s love of teaching and work with her children. They obviously know, love and approve of him. Now supposedly Mackenzie and Jeff have joint custody BUT we know who is around to help with the school science project and who is off for the weekend at one of his mansions, right? ????

    • Yep, the kids do go with the giant sequin or cigar jacket. We know who’s taking care of the kids.

  • I typically don’t like criticizing woman based on their physical appearance and sartorial choices. Judge them on their actions and character – who they are, not what they look like.

    I’m going to make an exception in this case.

    Jeff traded down. Waaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaay down. He traded gold for plastic. An overly tightened plastic woman with big fake lips and ginormous boobs well on her way to looking like the Joker??? It’s a shame with all that money Jeff can’t buy himself a little taste. Or class. That dress says all you need to know about Lauren.

    I bet MacKenzie is at the place where Jeff is just some guy she used to know. Here’s to meh. Can we all just call her MehKenzie going forward ????????????

    A special thanks to this inspirational woman for making the world a better place.

  • Jeff Bezos looks like one of those skinny Costco hotdogs in a black leather bun.

    MacKenzie Scott’s beaming smile always makes me think she’s mentally going “Weeeeeee!” So I nominate her demeanor as “Most Unsettling” to every stripe of FW and Shmoopie. Her attitude offers no kibble– except to small, underserved charities.

  • Oh and, on first glance, Lauren Sanchez’s red and black sequin dress looks like sliced salami but, if you really stare, it’s deli meat in the form of screaming souls in purgatory sliced thin and vacuum-sealed in plastic. Sort of an Edvard Munch sopressata deli counter thing.

  • MacKenzie Scott is truly someone to celebrate. Even if she didn’t get probably near what she deserved from Jeff Bezos (considering she wasn’t just a wife and mother… she also helped build Amazon), she accepted what she got as more than enough and is donating a huge chunk of it, as she promised. Now she has a hot husband too (no doubt he’s way more fun all around than FW JB) and she looks HAPPY!

    Best of all, without having to say a word — her actions and JB’s both speak volumes as to who they are. The more she does right, the more evil and awful he shows he is. Karma is getting him. Sure, he’s wealthy. But Lauren (the Human Sequin) is no prize…. she jumps from wallet to wallet. JB will be forever creepy and unhappy. He’ll keep buying his next girlfriend while they all cheat on each other. He has billions of dollars and is still worth nothing.

  • AND MacKenzie gets to wear heels and not feel obliged to crouch or lean-in to prop up his ego.

    I can see Dr. Frankenfurter in that dress.

  • The headquarters looks EXACTLY like a turd emoji! ????????????
    And Mackenzie is so lovely!!

  • Whenever I hear of Calamity following the X, I just smile. You get the life you asked for, money doesn’t build character …. MacKenzie shines on ^^

  • I’m not comparing myself to Mackenzie, but when I look at photos of her and JB and then JB and the cheater woman, I can’t help but compare my situation. Which is, husband is handsome but aged fast. Photos of us looked great-his smiling and proud, me, beautiful and natural looking. We looked happy and we looked like we belonged together. I looked classy. Now I haven’t seen a photo of his new woman, but she is much younger, wears make up like that looks cartoonish and has multi-colored shaved/spiky hair. The contrast is absolutely staggering. I’m not saying I’m better, but it’s just a huge difference. Everyone that sees them together gets a hell of a shock. I look like a classic, she looks like a plastic. Even when I found out it was her I made a snorting laughing sound before I picked up a book and threw it at a lamp. It’s funny, you’d think it would feel better when your husband “downgrades” but in one way it’s worse. Honestly for the past year and a half I kept being flabbergasted that he blew up his whole life for THAT? My friend calls her the ugly bit in the side, a coworker called her mini-Goth, and my guy friend said that he though she was a teenage boy at first. Downgrades or upgrades it still hurts like hell, and it sucks to compare yourself to a downgrade- it makes you feel really low. Go Mackenzie! You’re a beauty and a kind person.

    • You can say you’re better. We all know you are.????
      My fuckwit’s whore had spiky bleached platinum hair with prominent black roots and dressed like a teenage prostitute. This woman was well into her 40s, yet all her interests were those of a teenager. She even wore those booty shorts that show the lower part of your butt cheeks. Yuck.
      They look cheap because they are. We look classy because we are. Clowns like our cheaters and Bezos want trash because they are trash themselves. They probably thought having a spouse who was a good person would make them look like better people than they really are, but got tired of the act. Bezos is so rich he no longer has to worry about what people think of him. In my cheater’s case, his children were grown and he was getting close to retirement, so he figured he could retire his fake nice guy persona as well. His friends were all losers who wouldn’t care, and apparently what his kids and other family members thought of him didn’t matter to him.
      I think that’s the way it is with a lot of cheaters. They don’t care about looking like worthy people anymore. They decide to embrace the shallowness and meaness that they used us as a smokescreen for, so they prefer to be with another cretin who is just like them. They do pay for it when they get cheated on, but they probably don’t mind because they’re doing it too. My cheater’s ho cheated on him within the first six months they started seeing each other, when they were supposedly in the early, passionate throes of twu wuv. He knew and didn’t care. He was trying to find another ho as well. These people just give up on decency and values. It’s too much work for them.
      What an ugly and pathetic way to live.

      Good for MacKenzie that she got away from that dick and found somebody who believes in the same things she does. We can all have that, even if the only person we find is ourselves. Cheater free, we rediscover who we were before we were worn down by life with an asshole. That’s enough for me.

      • Cheater thought bubble:

        “Ahhhh, now I can relax and let my true nature tumble out, like my gut when I unzip my pants after having a few too many pieces of cream pie at Thanksgiving.” Must feel so good for these cheaters to let it all hang out.

  • I love this I remember that triggering me so badly because I was suspecting my ex at the time, he used it as an opportunity to deny any connection to schmoopie and that she was basically a country chicken farmer…wonder if he also won’t confirm or deny.

  • Why does it seem after the split the cheaters go extra slimy? Was the chump the one they used to ground them to some form of outward appearing normalcy? It’s like left to their own devices and direction of affair partners they really morph into a different person. Is this who they were all along? Or do they have no sense of true self and just attach to next partners ways? Either way there seems to be a shift and it’s almost humorous.

    MacKenzie definitely gained a life!

    • Longtime Chump,

      Yeah, I definitely think we chumps are like the bumpers in bowling.

      Once those babies are gone, cheater balls roll right into the gutters.

      It’s a gravitational pull that they don’t bother resisting once the jig is up. They get sequins. It’s probably what they wanted all along. They’re free to be their true shitty selves! Masks off!

      • @spinach,
        Chumps being the bowling gutters is such a great analogy, so so true!!
        I guess it just shows how the did pick us for show. The spiral after the masks falls is hard to watch. Mine finally admitted to affairs via a legal document plus pages worth of false accusations, and he’s never seemed happier. He’s a bad human, they all are.

  • Just like Cuomo these entitled narcissistic people have NO SHAME. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to behave normal. Recently my DIL told me the latest gf of Xh was the “slutty version of me”. OMG. how awful is that!!!! Been divorced 5 years after 32 yrs, it never ends.
    Keep shining like MacKenzie ….. great example how to move forward!!! Lots of money helps 🙂

  • Not a lot of traffic on this but hey this Lady rocks ! Think about it … she survived after betrayal and with something we consider a godsend she has been magnanimous! If only other people in her position were so generous. And I think the science teacher beats megalomaniac because well he’s kind of wrapped up in his family.

  • I am so happy that you published this today! I too noticed the article about McKenzie Scott and it made me smile for all of the reasons that Chump Lady mentions. Love it!

  • My only concern is the guy she married looks exactly like Jeff Bezos so not sure if she loves the guy or she is trying to love a reformed Jeff Bezos through the guy. There’s no doubt they look alike and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Could be conscious or unconscious. Will eat the popcorn and watch.

    • Bezos likes brown-eyed brunettes.

      Everyone tends to have preferences.

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