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UBT: Our Relationship Is Over, I Suppose

Dear Chump Lady, Your blog helped me to cut through the nonsense about staying with a cheater and I can say that I am now …

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How Do I Ward Off Emotional Vampires?

Dear Chump Lady, I left my ex-fiancé a few years ago just as our daughter was born (standard cheater asshole) and amidst him marrying and …

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Voodoo doll

Meeting the OW for the First Time

Hi Chump Lady, I have a problem that I am really struggling with. What do I do when I meet the ex and the OW …

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butt dial

He Butt-Dialed Her from the OW’s

He butt-dialed her from the OW’s place. Now she’s wondering if they can still be friends. Chump Lady on why that’s a regrettable idea.

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Blow your house down

UBT: Gina Frangello, Blow Your House Down

I’m a feminist and I find Other Women “feminists” so tiresome. Fucking around on your partner doesn’t make you a feminist, it makes you a …

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He’s ‘Saving’ the Other Woman

Hi Chump Lady, I have been married to my possible soon-to-be-ex for 25 years (M 53). I should have left in 2007 when he had …

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UBT: In Defense of Dating a Married Man

So here’s some MSN clickbait just begging to be Universal Bullshit Translated this morning. A fluffy little piece of sociopathy by Shannon Boodram, sexologist, entitled …

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‘I Can’t Face Being a Single Mum’

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve been thinking about writing to you for months but I just haven’t been brave enough… I found out in April 2020 …

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bullshit bird

UBT: The Burger-Flipping Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

I’m sure you’re all shocked to learn that HuffPo has yet another steaming heap of clickbait triumphant OW pick-me-dance winner essay. About happiness and personal …

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broken heart

How Come I’m Not Over It Yet?

Dear Chump Lady, I feel like I’ve been doing all the “right things” to move on and heal from my soon-to-be narcissistic cheating ex-husband. I’ve …

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other woman

UBT: I Only Date Married Men

Several folks sent me the archived Dear Prudence article that ran last week, “Help! I Only Date Married Men. And I Like It.” Which is …

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What Made Her Special?

Dear Chump Lady, Eleven months ago, I found out that my husband of 20 years and two children had been having an affair with a …

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UBT: The Huggy Ex and the OW

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve had minimal contact with my ex until recently, when he started dropping round my house on a Tuesday while the kids …

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swanning cheater

UBT: “True Love Is Never a Scandal”

Dearest Chump Lady, In July, 2018, my musician husband of 16 years finally confessed to a year-long-plus affair (we know it is likely longer) with …

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promise bullshit

I’m the OW and I’m Terrified He’ll Cheat on Me

Today is Election Day and Mr. CL is off at an ungodly hour to go cast his ballot. (I already voted using a handy drop …

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When the Other Woman Was a Frienemy

Dear Chump Lady, I struggle so much with my situation. My husband of 15 years had an affair with someone I considered a close friend. …

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butt face

UBT: ‘Mark Is Fine’

Dear Chump Lady, After I kicked out my cheating ex-boyfriend Mark, he moved in with one of my best friends, Heidi, as a “roommate.” Yeah, …

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UBT: ‘He Played Me Too’

You guys won’t believe the letters I get from Other Women wanting my advice. I know, it’s like gnats wanting wisdom from a bug zapper. …

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Chumped and Questioning Feminism

Dear Chump Lady, I am 8 months post divorce from fuckwit, we were married for 21 years. It was such a long road though, years …

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Stay friends

Why Cheaters Think You Could Be Friends with Their Affair Partner

One submission that I get over and over again for “Stupid Shit Cheaters Say” is the cheater insists — you know, you’d really like the …

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