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Camilla Queen Consort

In breaking news, good things happen to lousy people. Many of you have written in since Queen Elizabeth died last Thursday to express outrage that …

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Universal Bullshit Translator

UBT: ‘I in no way want be looked at as a home wrecker’

Hi Chump Lady, My ex was a serial cheater, cheated on me our entire 7 year relationship (7 years together married for 4; 2014-2021), even …

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I Need to Know the OW’s Identity

Dear Chump Lady, I learned last year that FW had been engaging in an emotional affair and physical affair for 6 months. He’s a massage …

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Ever Run Into an Affair Partner?

Here’s an etiquette dilemma Emily Post completely skipped over — how do you handle Schmoopie encounters? Must you say anything at all? What about compulsory occasions …

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Ex Insists Their Son Call OW ‘Mummy’

Hi Chump Lady, I’m in need of advice. The ex and I have been divorced for a year and a half. Usual story, he cheated …

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UBT: When Your Affair Partner Ghosts You

Many an alert chump sent me yesterday’s Yahoo news article: “What it Means if The Married Man You’re Having An Affair With Ghosts You Out …

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Beware of OW Bearing Gifts?

Dear Chump Lady, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cover this topic, and my fellow chumpy friends and I are mystified by this behavior… …

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The Other Woman Died

Dear Chump Lady, My ex husband left me and our 3 kids almost 9 years ago, after 17 years of marriage, and never looked back. …

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How Do I Face OW at Daughter’s Graduation?

Hi Chump Lady, My daughter will be graduating from college in a month and I’m kinda dreading the day because I’m feeling pressure to interact …

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promise bullshit

I’m the Other Woman and I’m Terrified He’ll Cheat on Me

I’m on the road today, so I am rerunning a CN favorite, where an OW wrote to me expecting chump compassion…. and it didn’t end …

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Did the Affair Partner Tell You?

One of the lousier ways to find out you’re a chump is having the news sprung on you via the affair partner. There are worse …

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bitch is crazy

‘I Believe the Other Woman Is Psycho’

Dear Chump Lady, I found out my husband cheated on me about 2 months ago. How you ask? The woman he was sleeping with sent …

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The Affair Partner Is Daughter’s Coach

Dear Chump Lady, My very handsome husband of 15 years (we have 3 kids ages 14, 13 and 11 and one on the way due …

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The OW Signs My Support Checks

Dear Chump Lady, I have been divorced from ex-shithead for five months now. We have two teenage daughters. I receive child support and alimony weekly …

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Jealousy and the Leggy, Blonde Other Woman

Hello Chump Lady, I have this unhealthy obsession over the woman my ex-boyfriend of two years left me for. A year after it happened I …

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And Just Like That

And Just Like That: Pick-Me-Dance Triumph

As a chump watching the new HBO Sex in the City reboot, And Just Like That, must feel akin to a black person watching Gone …

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He Was Not As Advertised

Dear Chump Lady, I dated a guy this year, for almost a year, and about 1.5 months ago he broke up with me. I’m divorced …

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ego kibbles

UBT: ‘I May Be His Mistress, But I’m Not a Homewrecker’

Another Lebkuchen-worthy submission to the Universal Bullshit Translator… Tis the season for over indulgence, so onward we go with Your Tango’s clickbait “I May Be …

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bitter bunny

‘I Want Him to Stay with the Other Woman’

Dear Chump Lady, I’m new to reading your column (just found it).  I’ve been divorced 10-years after 14 years of being married. I found out …

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I am not defined by my relationship.

UBT: I Know My Truth

Dear Chump Lady, I am 6 months post d-Day. My husband of 40 years finally has a move out date and I am starting to …

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