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My Ex Wants to Live in My Basement

Dear Chump Lady, My husband of 28 years gave me the speech 5 years ago.  He loved me, but was not in love with me, …

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Getting Through ‘The Slog’

We have a new series. On Tuesdays (“the day the pain stops”) members of Chump Nation share their gain-a-life stories. Today’s Tuesday tale is from …

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Candi Staton

CL Recommends: Candi Staton

A rare Sunday post from me. I think every now and then about featuring best chump songs, and we’ve done playlist posts, but I had …

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Closure and Other Myths

It must be part of the part of the human condition to want closure. Either that or we’ve all watched too much Law & Order. …

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When the OW’s Kid Insults You

Dear Chump Lady, I am 4 years past D-Day and after the shock, getting past all the manipulation (really I’m a gold digger!? then where …

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The Moment You Knew You Were Mighty?

Today’s Friday Challenge is inspired by this week’s Humans of New York feature. Venus’s story could be lifted out of CN. Please check it out …

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Left a Cheater, Gained a Few Nightmares

Hi there Chump Lady, I have been following chump lady for two years now and more than anything else your book helped me recover from …

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Is Anyone ‘Grateful’ for the OW/OM?

Dear Chump Lady, I found your blog long after my husband discarded me for another woman after twelve years of marriage and three kids together. …

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Tell Me How You’re Mighty, Pandemic Edition When-TF-Ever This Ends

I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a shot of CN mightiness about now. Did anyone get a cute puppy or finalize …

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Voodoo doll

How to Deal with Taunting

Dear Chump Lady, I don’t mean to, but some little sea-hunts are completely wrecking my life right now and I don’t know how to react …

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cyclops lonely

Chumped, Friendless, and Stuck

Dear Lady Chump, This is my first time being a Chump. It sucks. I am in so much pain right now. I am 25 years …

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‘I Left Him on the Side of the Road’

Dear Chump Lady, My 4.5 year journey to divorce my ex finished in a German court at 9:41 on October 11th. It felt like my …

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I Still Have Joy

Of all the hundreds of awesome suggestions last Friday for future columns, the topic of joy stood out. Enough with the gloom and anger, Chump …

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Chump Lady Slouches Toward Another Year

Saturday was my birthday and every year I rerun the first birthday column I wrote in 2012. It’s a meditation on craptacular chumpy birthdays, and …

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Waiting for karma

D-Day Anniversary Benchmarks?

Dear CL and CN, As I approach the one-year anniversary of D-day (September 26) I am taking time to reflect on what I did right …

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Mother Jones

Be a Hell Raiser, Not a Chump

Today, in honor of Labor Day weekend, I’m rerunning this column about Mother Jones. Raise a glass to hard-fought child labor laws and the 8-hour …

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Tell Me How You’re Mighty Pandemic Edition 3.0

Well, I don’t know about you, but I could use a Chump Nation mightiness report. Hurricane Ida, Texas taking leave of its senses, month whatever …

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Rituals for New Lives?

Today’s Friday challenge comes from ChumpAsItIs. She writes: My story is the same as many others, more than 20 years of marriage, ex-husband stepped away, did …

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Rewrite Your Story?

Hi Chump Lady,  D-Day 1 for me was in 2013. He was sleeping with a colleague; she was a divorce attorney in the midst of …

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Financial Freedom from a FW

Dear Chump Lady, I was sent to your blog during my horrible divorce from a cheating husband back in 2016. While he hadn’t been particularly …

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