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A Gain a Life Update… and Some Schmoopie Karma

You might recall a UBT from last May, when the OW sent our chump a Mother’s Day card, admonishing her to be best. Civility is …

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Old Crazy? New Tradition!

Post-Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun to compare Old Holiday Dysfunction with New Holiday Tradition. Don’t have any new traditions? Make some up! For …

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Tell Me How You’re Mighty, COVID Edition 2.0

We haven’t done another round of Tell Me How You’re Mighty since this pandemic began. And as we’ve soldiered on (and on and on and …

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broken heart

My New Husband Is a ‘Sex Addict’

Hi Chump Lady, I’ve recently discovered my partner of 5 years and brand new husband is a sex addict. He has cheated on me in …

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no contact

Returning to Caretake a Cheater Late in Life?

Dear Chump Lady, Yesterday I was speaking with a friend of mine who is now 82 and she mentioned she had moved to the nearby …

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Chump Lady Slouches Toward Another Year

Today is my birthday and every year I rerun the first birthday column I wrote in 2012. It’s a meditation on craptacular chumpy birthdays, and …

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Mother Jones

Be a Hell Raiser, Not a Chump

Today, in honor of Labor Day weekend, I’m rerunning this column about Mother Jones. Raise a glass to hard-fought child labor laws and the 8-hour …

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Tiffany Glass Windows

Hey, I’m rerunning a favorite today. Hi chumps! I’ve been on vacation with my family in Orlando, Florida for a few days. Yesterday my mother …

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monkey love

A Decade of Chump Love

Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary. I don’t generally blog about myself or the goings on at Chez Chump. But I thought I’d make an …

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What Did You Do With the Photos?

You are the curator of your own history, so I’m curious — what artifacts have stayed and what’s gone? Or is it all moldering in …

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Chump Protagonists in TV Dramas?

Tis the season for Netflix binging. I don’t know when this global pandemic will end, but me and my television are getting very well acquainted. …

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Escape After D-Day — ‘Should I Move?’

Dear Chump Lady, Shortly after New Year’s I accidentally found an email in our computer I couldn’t believe at first sight. The 31-year-old woman whom …

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Your Triumph Moments

I think one of the defining experiences of chumpdom is being underestimated. Some of this can attributed to having a lousy partner who devalues you, …

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The Walls in Your House Will Sing

This is the true story story of my aunt, who, when I was chumped, drove all the way from New York to pack up his crap and …

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Tell Me How You’re COVID-Era Mighty

So today’s Friday Challenge is an mightiness update for the current hellscape we find ourselves living in — global pandemic, murder hornets, bad hair — …

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I Thought That Meh Was a Unicorn

Hi Chump Lady, I wrote to you about 10 months ago and you published it. It was The OW has abs of steel. I just …

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When This Crisis Is Over, I’m Gonna…

As I like to say around here a lot — “the pain is finite.” The problem with most pain is, however, that you don’t know …

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New Beginning Tuesday

Hi Chump Lady! On this day, seven years ago, my divorce became final. After the judge proclaimed it officially done, I sat in my car …

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Omens and Portents

Happy Friday the 13th! The number 13 is auspicious in our household. In fact, Mr. CL — pictured here — is batty about it. He …

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stitched heart

How Did You Overcome the Financial Blows AND the Cheating?

Dear Chump Lady, I found your site in 2017. I was pregnant with my fourth child. My husband and I had been together for 12 …

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