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A Chump Declaration of Independence

Overthrowing tyrants? Boldly striking out to chart a new life? Chumps have Independence Day down. Today I’m rerunning this proclamation by CN member KibblesNBits. Please add your …

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Leave a Cheater, Change Your Surroundings

Today’s Friday challenge is a riff on yesterday’s post about selling the family home. How did you change your surroundings in your new life? Did …

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inert chump

Kick Me Out of My Funk

Hello Chump Lady, Can you give me some pearls of wisdom (or a swift kick in the pants) to get out of my funk? It’s …

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How Do I Get Over My Envy?

Dear Chump Lady, D-Day was over a year go and I have since filed for divorce. I am the mother of two young kids and …

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miss you

I Don’t Miss Him — Is There Something Wrong with Me?

Dear Chump Lady, I just walked away from a 17-year marriage. He admitted to his second one-night stand in our marriage. I’m not chumpy enough …

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leave a cheater

What Did You Think You Couldn’t Do That You CAN Do?

In yesterday’s post, Lola Granola discussed the belief that so many women have about their own financial incompetence and ability to provide for themselves. Economic …

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Tell Me How You’re Mighty, Pandemic Edition Whatever Day This Is

As I was considering a Friday Challenge today I thought, geez, isn’t life challenging enough right now? Rather than invite a recitation of cheater fuckwittery …

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Leave a Cheater, Gain a Harley

Happy Tuesday! (The day the pain stops, for you CN newbies.) I’m sharing this inspiring tale of Mightiness today with permission from Tyra, a chump …

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cyclops lonely

A ‘Fix Your Picker’ Refresher

Is this not your first time at the chump rodeo? Are you afraid you’ll wind up shackled to another person of dubious character? While I’ve …

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Mighty MacKenzie

Talk about Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life. Congrats to MacKenzie Scott this week on her marriage to science teacher Dan Jewett. A solid guy, …

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ex cheated and I got a graduate degree

Chumped But Not Down, What You Did Right

So yesterday we opened the floor to 5 Things You Should Not Do When You Discover Cheating but for today’s Friday Challenge let’s focus on all …

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What Does Freedom Feels Like?

We talk a lot here about getting to the “other side” — so today’s Friday Challenge goes out to anyone who has left a cheater, …

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Is Pain a Choice?

Dear Chump Lady As I try to heal in the most graceful way (suppressing my revenge fantasies) this is what I am struggling with… Like …

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Waiting for karma

Gain a Life Version 2021

Every year I run this on New Year’s Day. Happy New Beginnings, CN! *** Get over it. The three words chumps hate to hear. “Get …

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stitched heart

‘Replaced’ and Still Feels Empty

Dear Chump Lady, I was married for almost 30 years, have one now grown daughter, and I’m in my 60s. I managed to survive serial …

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A Gain a Life Update… and Some Schmoopie Karma

You might recall a UBT from last May, when the OW sent our chump a Mother’s Day card, admonishing her to be best. Civility is …

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Old Crazy? New Tradition!

Post-Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun to compare Old Holiday Dysfunction with New Holiday Tradition. Don’t have any new traditions? Make some up! For …

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Tell Me How You’re Mighty, COVID Edition 2.0

We haven’t done another round of Tell Me How You’re Mighty since this pandemic began. And as we’ve soldiered on (and on and on and …

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broken heart

My New Husband Is a ‘Sex Addict’

Hi Chump Lady, I’ve recently discovered my partner of 5 years and brand new husband is a sex addict. He has cheated on me in …

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no contact

Returning to Caretake a Cheater Late in Life?

Dear Chump Lady, Yesterday I was speaking with a friend of mine who is now 82 and she mentioned she had moved to the nearby …

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