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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’re all out there honoring veterans, eating barbecue, and otherwise enjoying the long holiday weekend that is the start of summer. (We’re underwater here in Central Texas. It’s refreshing after 5 years of drought to have some other extreme weather to complain about.) I don’t have a coherent post today as […]


Duggar Family Dysfunction

I confess I’m watching the implosion of the Duggar family wholesomeness with keen interest. My husband is an inveterate channel flipper, and he often lands on “19 Kids and Counting” just to mess with me. “NOOOO! Not the Christian wackos!” My creepdar goes off the charts every time Jim Bob appears with his fatherly hair helmet and […]


The Full Life Circle of an OW

I like to read the New York Times obituaries. There’s something fascinating about condensing an entire life into a 800-words or less essay. Recently, I read the obituary of Happy Rockefeller — the second wife of Nelson Rockefeller — with a kind of lurid interest. She was Rockefellers’s mistress. Eighteen years younger, the two broke up […]


UBT: “Affair Proofing” Your Marriage

“Affair Proof Your Marriage” articles are so ubiquitous, I hesitate to feed them to the Universal Bullshit Translator. It just rolled its circuits at me. Really? This crap again? Don’t you have some juicy psychobabble from a certified Yoga Imago Sex Therapist I can parse? Are you really going to make me read “keep the home […]


Dear Chump Lady, How do you get through the middle of leaving?

Hi Chump Lady, I have a question for you: how do you get through the middle of this leaving-your-cheater process, as in, not the terrible realization you’ve been cheated on and the immediate pain, and not the signing of the divorce papers moment, but the in-between part after you make the decision to end things? […]