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What Inspirational Quote Helped You Through?

Here’s today’s Friday challenge suggested by CakeBeGone: In the days following my one and only D-day I remember feeling so lost and confused. I have a girlfriend who had basically gone through the same thing the previous year and helped me set things straight. She gave me a quote that helped me tremendously: “Cheaters are cowards that […]

Dear Chump Lady, She’s pregnant by the Other Man

Dear Chump Lady, Four weeks ago I found out my wife of 20 years was having an affair for the past year. She denied it at first, but I had a recording with clear cut evidence. A day or so later I found out she’s pregnant to him also, 9 weeks !! She is refusing to leave […]

Knowing When a Marriage Is Over

Yesterday’s New York Times‘ “Room for Debate” was the issue “knowing when a marriage is over.” They asked six experts, who frankly, I all thought rather dodged the question with versions of “it’s complicated” and “it depends.” Or “let’s redefine marriage!” Only one expert, a lawyer who’d been divorced twice (and happily remarried for 25 […]

Embrace the Chaos

I remember once upon a time when my life was going to Hell, a friend wrote me a cheer up email and ended it with a quote from Bob Dylan — “I embrace the chaos.” I laughed. When you’re in a free fall, you’re going to go splat on the pavement whether you “embrace” it, […]

Dear Chump Lady, How do I handle the OW?

Dear Chump Lady, How do I handle this bitch?! My husband left me last year because he needed “space.” Come to find out he has been seen with one of my “friends” —  a mom at the children’s school — for the last two years! They live in the same apartment complex. I spoke to her husband […]