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Dear Chump Lady, What did you do on the anniversary of your D-Day?

Dear Chump Lady, I can hardly believe it, but February 6, 2015 is not so far off. For me, that day is the one-year anniversary of being publicly humiliated in front of friends at a social gathering/party, when my partner of 6 years met another woman (kibble tosser). They would go on to have a […]


Don’t Let Them Steal Another Day

I don’t have any sassy snark for you guys today, sorry. Last night I learned my dearest friend Yoma lost her husband, Warren yesterday. When I read the news, I burst into tears. Of course, it’s a pretty ordinary event to be widowed at 78. What’s not ordinary is to be that age and have […]


Dear Chump Lady, Is there a statute of limitations on this chump thing?

Dear Chump Lady, Love your website and your no bullshit approach to this nightmare. I am currently an attempted unicorn, (although sometimes I feel like an ass with a carrot glued to its head). Short story is the cliche — wife of 15 years has affair with smooth-talking older boss. Lasted 12 to 18 months, sex about […]


How Pretty Did You Dance?

If you’re a chump, you’ve performed the Humiliating Dance of “pick me.” Actually, you probably have an entire repertoire of dance moves. The Self-Improvement Shuffle. Done with calorie-burning gusto. You might drop 20 pounds. The Perfect Home Polka. Make the marriage a good place to be, chumps! You can begin by attacking those dust bunnies and renovating the children. […]


Being Anti-Cheating Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Sex Positive

One of the more pernicious forms of blameshifting chumps experience is the intimation or outright accusation that they suck at sex. That either comes from the cheater directly, or from the rubbernecking bystanders in your life theorizing on why you Weren’t Enough to Keep Them. It’s the most well-worn excuse in the cheater handbook — […]