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Dear Chump Lady, Does it really get better?

Dear Chump Lady, Does it really get better, or is that just another lie that people tell chumps to cut down on the suicide stats? My STBX was a Boy-Scout-leading, Sunday-school-teaching, neighbor-helping pillar of our community, right up until the day I walked in on him and his skank in my guest room. He lied and […]


What Would You Tell Yourself at D-Day?

Who wouldn’t love a do-over? I’m sure a few of you navigated this shit perfectly right out of the starting gate, but most of us floundered in the most humiliating of ways. If you could go back in time (and no, you don’t get to wish your whole relationship away, the time machine only allows […]


Don’t Judge Me

In yesterday’s comments the subject of “judgement” came up and a chump asked if I would write a column on, you know, the phenomenon of calling people cheating fuckwits when they would prefer to be considered splendid. God forbid you might be thought “judgmental.” Now, it’s pretty easy to hate on judgmental people. I should know, I come from […]


Dear Chump Lady, My husband wants a polyamorist marriage

Dear Chump Lady, My husband has just announced that he is a polyamorist. He is sleeping with at least two other woman at the moment and says that he will never be monogamous again! He has asked me if I will be prepared to stay married and live as a family. (We have one 10 […]


Dear Chump Lady, I found my cheating dad’s homemade porn

Dear Chump Lady, I am so grateful for what you did in my previous predicament! His now ex-girlfriend and her son are moving out. I’ll miss them, but seeing how they argue and about what (mostly his cheating) it’s for the best. However, something has come up; I hate to come to you with […]