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Honor Among Cheaters

Cheaters have a weird moral code. They may have fucked the babysitter in the family van, on the sofa, and on the twirling teacups at Disney World, but if you ask: “Did you screw her in our bed?” The answer is: “What? Do you think I’m some sort of monster?!” Far be it for us to think […]


Dear Chump Lady, My husband is trying to pimp me out to strangers

Dear Chump Lady, So my husband confessed to pimping me out to random strangers on the Internet in pursuit of sex (for the third time). A couple of years ago while on vacation, we (mutually) decided to try a threesome. Being bisexual, I admit I enjoyed it, but I KNOW I made it very loud and […]


Time for a Mightiness Check In

Today, we’re keeping it positive, chumps! It’s time once again for Tell Me How You’re Mighty. To newbies, every 6 months or so, I ask readers to tell me what new, kick-ass things they’re doing since they took their lives back. And the answers are always inspiring. If you’re in the early days, and you […]


Your “It’s Not Okay” List

The other day, a chump sent me this letter of her “It’s Not Okay” list. I thought this would be a useful exercise. What will you never do again? What are your deal breakers? — Chump Lady After two decades of loving my husband to the best of my ability and having our wonderful children, […]


A Trust That They Suck Refresher Course

“Trust that they suck” is a mantra that bears repeating. It’s so easy to fall for the propaganda. You see your ex, tagged in some mutual friend’s Facebook page laughing uproariously at a party. The children come back with tales of Shiny New Things. People who were your family for decades now exclude you. It […]