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When Your Cheater Is Also a Sicko

So the other day, we had a discussion going in the comments about cheaters who do it in the marital bed, the family motorhome, the truck, etc. My opinion is these freaks are a certain subset of cheaters — the real sickos. It’s not enough to cheat, they get an extra kick from secretly debasing their chumps. […]

Huma Frees Herself

I’m sure I speak for all of Chump Nation when I say, “THANK THE SWEET LORD JESUS HUMA ABEDIN LEFT ANTHONY WEINER.” Even unicorns have their breaking points, and I guess finding pictures of your husband’s hard-on next to your sleeping toddler splashed all over the New York Post was hers. Although Politico reported that […]

Dear Chump Lady, I can’t seem to block him

Dear Chump Lady, I am 20 years old and never thought I would be in this situation, but hey. I am writing to get some kind of insight or input, because I don’t feel like I’m handling this situation properly. A year and a half into my first relationship with my 28-year-old boyfriend, he cheated […]

Your Most Un-Meh Moment

So I’ve been getting my son off to college this week — his first year. I’m sure those of you with college-age kids can relate to the endless trips to Target and the time warp sensation as you pass the toy aisle. Hey! When did you outgrow Thomas the Tank Engine? Aren’t you going to beg […]

Dear Chump Lady, Sex with the STBX just to mess with him?

Dear Chump Lady, What do you think of sex with the STBX? I’ve lost weight and am looking pretty good. I want him to see and feel (with a condom) what he is missing. To fuck with him the way he did with me all these years. Thoughts? Nomorechit Dear Nomorechit, I wouldn’t touch it […]