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UBT: “Infidelity is a lousy reason to end a marriage”

Dr. Keith Ablow, Fox New psychiatrist, where have you been all my life? You’re Universal Bullshit Translator GOLD. Today’s UBT fodder is this wacky defense of serial cheating, “Infidelity is a lousy reason to end a marriage.” But that’s not all his crazy! He called Michelle Obama fat! And then told the women newscasters who […]

Let Me Tell You All About Them!

One of the classic “Stupid Shit Cheaters Say” utterances is, “You know, if you met (the affair partner), you’d really like (him/her)! They’re a lot like you!” Yeah, you know if the circumstances were different, and this person wasn’t fucking your spouse, I’m sure you’d really enjoy hand bell choir together. It’s a patently moronic cake […]

If You Think I’m THAT Sort of Person…

Did anyone see the interesting story in the New York Times the other day about the fake Buddhist monks in Times Square? Apparently, there are a bunch of charlatans dressing up as Buddhist monks and nuns and aggressively pan-handling on the street. Pressing bracelets on tourists and then demanding $20. Badgering people to donate to […]

UBT: Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

Dear Beyonce, It’s time for another chat. I see you released a new album, “Lemonade” that everyone can see is a thinly veiled pick-me-dance-set-to-music for your cheating husband Jay Z. For your own good, because I hate to see a Mega Super Star chumped, I’m putting your recent song lyrics through the Universal Bullshit Translator. “You can taste […]