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Tiffany Glass Windows

Hey, I’m rerunning a favorite today. Meanwhile, don’t forget to craft your Valentine’s Day Infidelity poems! — Tracy Hi chumps! I’ve been on vacation with my family in Orlando, Florida for a few days. Yesterday my mother and I visited the Morse Museum in Winter Park, which if you find yourself in the Disney World […]


Fourth Annual Infidelity Valentine’s Day Contest

It’s February and you know what that means, chumps? It’s time again for our annual Chump Lady Infidelity Valentine’s Day Contest! During this season of love, roses, and cut-rate chocolates, it’s important to remember the less fortunate — those poor sods that wound up with our exes — and immortalize them in verse. So send […]


Dear Chump Lady, My husband doesn’t want to unfriend the OW

Dear ChumpLady, I just got my husband back after a year long affair he had. And now he doesn’t want to delete the OW from his Facebook and his phone. He doesn’t necessarily want to keep in touch, but he wants to know that she’s doing okay and check on her every now and then. […]


Time Again for a Mightiness Check

Today, we’re keeping it positive, chumps! It’s time once again for Tell Me How You’re Mighty. To newbies, every 6 months or so, I ask readers to tell me what new, kick-ass things they’re doing since they took their lives back. And the answers are always inspiring. If you’re in the early days, and you […]


Dear Chump Lady, She ghosted me

Dear Chump Lady, My cheater soon-to-be-ex wife of 10 years is ghosting on me. Well not even ghosting. At least ghosts make random appearances to scare the bejeezus out of people. My STBXW vaporized on me. My poor little Match Girl filed for divorce a month ago. I am SO ready to move on with […]