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UBT: Joseph’s Letter

If you’ve spent any time on reconciliation boards, you’re familiar with Joseph’s Letter. It was written by a member of a defunct forum “BAN”, but appears at Surviving Infidelity and Marriage Builders. It’s a plea from a man (Joseph) to his wayward wife to please answer questions about her affair instead of doing the ol’ rug […]

WTF Trivago Guy?

Have you guys seen the latest Trivago guy ad? For those of you blessed enough to not get the Trivago ads, it’s this rumpled, stubbly dude pitching a travel site. He’s your average aging man-child. He telegraphs “My hair is gray and I’ve never ironed a shirt, but I’m hitchhiking through Nepal next Thursday!” Anyway, the […]

Dear Chump Lady, How long do you think this affair was going on?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband of 6 years (together for 10) left me and our (then) 6-month-old son 8 months ago. He said he hadn’t loved me for “2 years,” he didn’t love me any more and he “didn’t want this life.” In fact he went as far as to say he “didn’t love me, […]

Happy Birthday Chump Lady

Hi Chump Nation! Yesterday was my 50th birthday, although I’m here in Quebec, so if it happens across borders, I’m not sure it counts. Every year on my birthday, I rerun my birthday column. Okay, so it was yesterday. Forgive the three-day weekend. I’m busy filling out my AARP membership forms.  I gotta say 50 […]

Dear Chump Lady, Apparently I am “spiteful”

Dear Chump Lady, So we finally divorced in January. Now ex wants to change child support and custody. He is making less so I am fine with support change, but nothing has changed with custody so I don’t agree to this. I talked to my lawyer and he said “I still seem to have spite […]

Dear Chump Lady, Should I divorce his cheating, Mormon ass?

Dear Chump Lady, My story began last October when my husband of 11 years had a three week affair with random online girl. I found out about it via text messages on his phone. He was sorry. We have 5 kids under the age of 9. We are Mormon and have strong beliefs about how […]

Your Obligatory Brangelina Post

Oh Chump Nation, I have a dilemma. I just can’t seem to summon my powers of snark on the Brangelina divorce. I suppose it was inevitable. A.) Because the Other Woman is never THAT special. (Insert “If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you” cliche here.) And B.) Anyone so invested in convincing me […]

Dear Chump Lady, I don’t have any proof but…

Dear Chump Lady, Is it normal behavior for a man to be accused of cheating, and he denies it, yet continues to hide his phone?  I started suspecting something  a few weeks ago, but didn’t say anything until last weekend.  I asked him if I could see his phone. He wouldn’t let me. His behavior was odd. So […]