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Dear Chump Lady, I stay to protect my son from the Other Woman

Dear Chump Lady, I have followed your site for four years. I never thought I’d be here. When I married my husband I accepted that he was a lot of things, but was at least “true blue.” At the first appearance of the dirty whore, and after 17 years together with my husband, I categorized […]

Finding a Friend You Can Confide In

Today’s guest blog post is from UXWorld about reaching out to a fellow chump from his past, and how hard it is to decide to confide in someone. — Tracy By UXWorld A recent Forums post by fellow chump @Hesatthecurb ponders how compelling it can be to reconnect with someone that you have history with, […]

Dear Chump Lady, How do I get over the devaluing?

Dear Chump Lady My question to you concerns extreme desexualization at the hands of a Narc and how to get over that. I really need help on this one! By most objective standards, I believe most people would describe me as good-looking — or so they tell me. Yet, 26 years with Dick Bling has […]

Dear Chump Lady, I’m struggling with no contact and kids

Dear Chump Lady, I’m stuck in an immature part of the process, but I can’t help it. I am angry and the things that my ex is doing are infuriating. He led a double life for almost two years. A wild party boy who would drink the most, and take home the easiest woman, while he […]

Ashley Madison Wants You to “Find Your Moment”

Poor Ashley Madison has gone in for some rebranding lately. After its data hack last summer, the resignation of its CEO Noel Biderman, continued controversy over its blackmail billing practices, AM is trying to soften its image. Instead of douchey men swiping right while singing “I’m looking for someone other than my wife” now we’ve […]