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Dear Chump Lady, Why does he ignore my questions?

Dear Chump Lady, Unfortunately, I have to text my Cheater every couple of days regarding logistics with our son, and divorce issues. What’s up with him ignoring or deflecting direct questions? He will either answer another question, or just ignore them. Why doesn’t he at least give me a yes or a no? Thank you. […]

Paula Broadwell Wants Us to Stop Saying “Mistress”

Paula Broadwell is back in the news. According to yesterday’s New York Times article, “Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus and the Afterlife of a Scandal” Broadwell is trying to “restore her reputation.” I’m not sure as what exactly. An unqualified biographer of famous generals? A woman who can do a lot of push-ups? Who was Paula Broadwell […]

No Contact Fails — The Outtakes

This “Fun” Friday contest was suggested by an intrepid chump this week — no contact fails, the outtakes. If your chumpy existence was a Bloopers show — what mortifying episode would you highlight? That time you pet sat for her when she was in the Bahamas with the Other Man? Did you drunk text a booty […]

UBT: “You have to set me free within the marriage.”

Boy, the Universal Bullshit Translator is getting a lot of bullshit submitted this week. This one from “deepn” whose wife just wants him to understand that, hey, it’s not about sex with other men, she just needs “emotional intimacy” from other men. And freedom. Or she’s going to DIE. I would like to propose that the […]

UBT This Jesus Cheater Please

Dear Chump Lady, So my husband of seven years fed me the fairytale. Everything you would want in a husband he encompassed. He was handsome, loving, supportive, kind, thoughtful, caring — the list could go on. He was also religious, which made me finding his text messages to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve even more fitting. I […]