Category: Deception

How Many People Knew and Didn’t Tell You?

Well, here’s a depressing Friday Challenge. Conspiracy. How many people knew your partner was cheating on you and didn’t tell you? One to five? Five …

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Why Is He Copying Me?

Dear Chump Lady, My ex cheated on me relentlessly, with a mind-boggling amount of women. We had four D-days before I had the strength to …

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Red flag

Long Distance Relationships and Double Lives

Dear Chump Lady, I got broken up with by my long-distance boyfriend. He was my first boyfriend and almost all my firsts. We had been …

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Serial cheater

He Cheated Me and His Employer

Dear Chump Lady, I think my D-days happened in reverse order and I’m having a really hard time making sense of things. It seems like …

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Mindfuck blender

The Phone Records Are Shady, Is He Cheating?

Dear Chump Lady, So I have been with my husband for 14 years, married for one. In late 2020 he started fighting with me often …

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broken heart

Am I a Bad Friend for Not Supporting Friend’s Affair?

Dear Chump Lady, I am a fellow chump who 4 years ago was betrayed, gaslighted, emotionally abused, on and on, by my partner of 8 …

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using that word

Euphemisms for Cheating?

Deception can lead to some pretty great, inadvertent euphemisms. Mark Sanford’s “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” comes to mind. Your Friday Challenge is to share your …

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gym cheater

Stupidest Lie You Bought?

To be chumped is to be lied to. There are fibs, but then there are whoppers. Like the cheater who refused to wear his wedding …

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Rejection man

She Was Going to ‘Make It Up to Me’

Hello Chump Lady, I’ve been reading your posts for the past three years understanding and yet ignoring all of your sage advice till just recently. …

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‘I Think My Boyfriend Is on Dating Sites’

Dear Chump Lady, I think my boyfriend is on dating sites, but I’m too tech illiterate to investigate it. Specifically, I think he’s on Hinge …

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cheat on me

‘My Sister Is Cheating on My Brother-in-Law’

Dear Chump Lady, My identical twin sister recently confessed to me that she has been cheating on her husband. We were out with two other …

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Mindfuck blender

A False Confession?

Dear Chump Lady, The other night when I was questioning my husband for the umpteenth time since D-Day, he said his counselor advised him not …

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Narcissist Goldfish

I Just Want Her to Be Truthful

Dear Chump Lady, I recently broke up with my girlfriend of two years. I had suspicion that she was seeing someone else after she came …

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His Double Life Was Revealed After Death

Dear Chump Lady, My husband was 55 years old, no known health conditions, he was taking no medication. Last August he was hospitalized and operated …

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butt face

Is ‘Bum-Bum’ a Friend?

Hi Chump Lady. I just need some decent advice. I have been with my partner for 20 years next month! We have four gorgeous children. …

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Chumped by Two Chumps

Dear Chump Lady, I guess you can say I’m a chump-variant in that I had a runaway cheater. Married over 24 years to someone I …

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Standing on Lies

Thank you Dr. Anna Fels! I urge every chump to read the opinion piece in the New York Times “Great Betrayals” by Dr. Fels. It’s …

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Did He Cheat Because He’s Depressed?

Dear Chump Lady, Please help me sort through this mess. Help me get angry! My husband and I were together for 6 years and married …

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Does Social Media Encourage Cheating?

Dear Chump Lady, First and foremost, thank you for writing Leave A Cheater, Gain a Life! It was immensely helpful, but I still can’t seem …

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can't remember

UBT: I Can’t Remember

Probably no other statement gets sent to the Universal Bullshit Translator more than “I can’t remember.” What is it about cheating that fogs the mind? …

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