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How to Tolerate Ex in Close Proximity

Dear Chump Lady, I’m writing in hopes of finding some fresh advice. Quick backstory: My story is the same old, same old. Multiple D-days, lots …

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My Ex Wants to Live in My Basement

Dear Chump Lady, My husband of 28 years gave me the speech 5 years ago.  He loved me, but was not in love with me, …

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Bill Gates Has a Sadz About His Divorce

Isn’t it regrettable when nebulous clouds of divorce just descend upon innocents? Microsoft founder Bill Gates is one such sad case. In an interview with …

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The OW Left Him and I Don’t Know How I Feel

Dear Chump Lady, Will you please help me identify a new feeling of mine? Meh-be it’s meh but I don’t know!!! Yesterday (a Tuesday) I …

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How Do I Face OW at Daughter’s Graduation?

Hi Chump Lady, My daughter will be graduating from college in a month and I’m kinda dreading the day because I’m feeling pressure to interact …

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How Do I Explain My Divorce?

Hi Chump Lady, Could you please offer some advice as to what to say on your dates regarding why you’re divorced? Like you, I’m twice …

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Universal Bullshit Translator

UBT: ‘You Should’ve Been a Better Husband’

Dear Chump Lady: Since my previous UBT experience was very informative and helpful, I thought I’d serve up another platter of sanctimonious cake speak from …

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Melinda Gates

4 Ways Melinda Gates Keeps Her Divorce Classy

 CN, if you ever wonder if you’re changing the narrative, take heart. Melinda French Gates just spiked one over the net for Team Chump …

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Did You File First?

I’ve read a gazillion chumps stories, and one thing that never ceases to astound me is how cheaters don’t file for divorce. Oh sure, they …

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How to Divorce a Financially Abusive Cheater

Dear Chump Lady, I am in the process of divorcing my cheating husband. He has not only cheated, but is also financially, verbally, emotionally and …

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How to Line Up Ducks When You Can’t Afford a Duck

Hello Chump Lady, I have a question as to your to line up one’s ducks. A little about me: currently 6 months pregnant, working part-time …

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When You Don’t Want to Spend Thanksgiving with Your Ex

Dear Chump Lady, The holidays are coming and I was just wondering how to deal with the soon-to-be-ex (STBX) and holiday get-togethers. I actually thought …

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leave a cheater

Is Breaking Up 4 Years After D-Day ‘Overreacting’?

Dear Chump Lady, I recently discovered your book and am about half way through it… D-Day was 4 years ago and I went through everything …

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inert chump

Kick Me Out of My Funk

Hello Chump Lady, Can you give me some pearls of wisdom (or a swift kick in the pants) to get out of my funk? It’s …

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miss you

I Don’t Miss Him — Is There Something Wrong with Me?

Dear Chump Lady, I just walked away from a 17-year marriage. He admitted to his second one-night stand in our marriage. I’m not chumpy enough …

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congrats on your divorce

Enough with Divorce Shame

My cousin got divorced yesterday and I noticed today on her Facebook page that she wrote a very kind thank you to her friends and family who …

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‘I Can’t Face Being a Single Mum’

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve been thinking about writing to you for months but I just haven’t been brave enough… I found out in April 2020 …

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maintain your dignity

Don’t Send It, Three Reasons Why

Psssst! I have a little secret to lay on you…. People are not interested in your messy divorce. Okay, maybe your parents and closest friend. Certainly …

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cheater manifesto

Can I Tell His Family He Cheated?

Dear Chump Lady, My STBX informed me two weeks before Quarantine Thanksgiving that we had to talk. I shut the lid of my laptop and …

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Jealous of the Other Woman

Dear Chump Lady, I am sure that my story is the same one that you have heard a hundred times, I have read versions of …

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